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Who hasn’t, at least for a moment, thought a Choose Your Own Adventure book would be fun to write? Now, inkle is making their internal compositional software available to the public free as an HTML5 web app called inklewriter.
By clicking on the apple pie option, you can continue your narrative explaining that the ghost was really just misunderstood, all while inventing some sort of fictional physics that makes a ghost able to chew corporeal food.
Obviously my own text description feels a bit bulky and esoteric, but in practice, inklewriter allows you to pen interactive stories in seconds and share them through a unique URL.
Vinyl wraps are not just made for cars, with the advancements in vinyl technology wrapping boats have become an effective and durable solution to conquering the seas. It all starts with creating a quick mock-up layout of the design that you would like for your vehicle via the Custom-Car-Wraps website designer. Contrary to possible beliefs, a boat wrap is extremely durable and will last years on the water.
After getting a quote with Bobby I was surprised at the price since I had never had a clue what it would cost. I knew I was in good hands after several phone calls and him sending me out patches of vinyl to look at since I was a 2 hour commute almost. After making my decision on color I had a date to get it wrapped and when it was finished I was in awe literally shocked !!
Rise and shine fashionistas, this time we have news even we couldn’t believe when we heard.
If that didn’t give you the push you need, you will find further inspiration by browsing the ART GALLERY section in the app that showcases Baguettes by the likes of Tom Sachs, Subodh Gupta, Hiroshi Senju, Alan Chan, Francesco Vezzoli. Monetize your issues With In-App Subscriptions Your magazine can have either a Paid or Free Recurring Subscription. You can setup weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscriptions (both Paid and Free) and the template will save these purchases and allow only subscribers to access your content.
Setup both Paid and Free options for Single Issues After subscribing to your magazine, you may want to charge for individual issues of your magazine. Let’s say you have a scenario where you have a free subscription to your magazine and you want the users to pay for some of the issues and have some of the issues free, this is easily setup in the template.
Publish Either PDF or HTML Content Your magazines may be in a PDF format, some others may be in the HTML format. If you have a PDF file for each issue, all you have to do is upload it to a web server and set up the configuration files and you are good to go.
We have loads of videos on YouTube that walk you through the entire process from start to finish.
60-Day Money Back GuaranteeWe are confident you will like these templates but if you are unsure, give it a try. In the 7 months that we’ve been live on the App Store, we’ve seen more than 10,000 downloads of the app, and more than 2000 in-app purchases. Unlimited App License And Full Support IncludedHow many magazines are you allowed to make using this template?
Recently, they released the impressive Frankenstein app and interactive novel, and while we weren’t so sure that rewriting Frankenstein was a win for literature, we were impressed by their flowing, option-fueled text interface. So, without any coding expertise at all, and without much preplanned plot, either, you can simply start typing an interactive novel. Instead of concerning yourself with plot diagrams or dialogue trees, you simply begin typing your story.
You may get so into this physics that you totally forgot about that killing the ghost option.

It will be interesting to see how far they push the platform in terms of multimedia possibilities, and whether crowdsourced Choose Your Own Adventure stories are capable of a decent cult rehash. Now that summer has arrived it is the time to get the eye catching look for your marine craft that you have long desired.
The program is very straight forward and allows you to upload images as well as apply color schemes to create a basic layout of how you would like your design. The vinyl is installed just above the water line of the boat which ensures that water will not harm the vinyl whilst traveling or floating in the water. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Bobby is a wonderful person to work with and was amazing in helping me come up with a design for my new F-TYPE.
I knew that this company was the one to deal with by the looks of the cars they had as references. Playful, colorful, artsy, and crafted for iPads and Android, the app produces a white Baguette for a blank canvas, to decorate with a variety of tools, details and effects.
You can even have a paid subscription where most of your issues are free and then you can still charge for some premium issues, no problem at all.
If you are brave enough to handle code, you can even tweak the designs since you have access to the source code.
If you don’t like it for whatever reason, send us an email and you will get a refund ASAP. Send us an email and out support ninjas will be there to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.
You get an unlimited app license meaning you can have these designs and use them in all your apps. Another small piece of interface brilliance is that you don’t ever have to worry about how these branching storylines are shaped or organized. But inklewriter passes on all this complication for just a few actionable buttons and vital notifications, all of which will lead you just where you need to go.
Once the design is completed we will receive a copy of the design and it will be passed along to our professional design team to be recreated and scaled appropriately to fit your vehicle. With the use of knifeless tape and high quality car wrap vinyls we can create a unique design that will be eye catching as well as durable. For added protection with every installation we use edge sealer tape along the vinyl to securely seal the vinyl allowing no water to be able to penetrate the vinyl or adhesive.
They also were able to dip the rims in black and had the windows tinted to really finish the look. What drew me to make the 5+ hour trip from New York was not only the impressive resume EVW demonstrates on their webpage, but the care and patience Bobby demonstrated on our first phone call. EVW just seemed to be the most professional looking shop in the area and they definitely did not disappoint. Bobby and the crew did an amazing job on my Ford Fusion turning it from "just another family sedan" into a menacing looking grocery getter. But while brush strokes with splatter patterns and effects allowing (Instagram-style) filters are cool, one can even upload a photo from their device to further customize their Baguette. Launched on June 9th, 2014, the app is available to download for free on iTunes store and Google Play. If you do use it to make your apps look better, please send me a link to it, I would love to feature it on this page. We also have a couple of videos on YouTube that shows you how to do the more involved parts like setting up in-app purchases.

They even managed complicated conditional logic in a way that makes sense to non-programmers, meaning I can choose to marry that ghost at the end of the book, only if I chose to buy a ghost ring in section 4. With this state of the art technology it allows us to cut the design time in half to get your boat precisely designed to meet your style with the quickest turnaround time. These proper installation methods allow us to create a visually stunning product to be enjoyed by everyone for years to come. Bobby and the EVW team's passion and attention for detail speaks for its self in their work. They even keep extra material specifically for your vehicle in case something unfortunate happens out on the road. Not already be in awe of the purse that has enjoyed an iconic status and already been produced in more than 1000 versions and materials. Our support team will be there to answer any questions you have or give you pointers on how to implement these templates. With help from the Custom-Car-Wraps team, wrapping your vehicle to meet your every need has just got easier!
I could write another 3 paragraphs about their work but I think a scroll through their pictures says it all. And just so you know, your Baguette can then be shared on social media if you connect the app to your social networks. The same could be said about my interaction with the team, but simply put they are an honest pleasure to work with. They were an absolute pleasure to do business with, especially since I was overseas at the time and couldn't stop by in person. I couldn’t be happier with the results of the project and will definitely be bringing another car down soon. Everything was done over long distance phone calls on a 8 hour time difference and several emails. They did an excellent job keeping it a secret, and even wrapped it in a bow for me when we came to pick it up. After a few back and forth discussions on my project ideas, I decided to take their advice on a Satin Black wrap instead of Matte Black as I originally wanted. They were also very accommodating in scheduling an appointment and making sure to have the car ready by a certain date.
I would absolutely recommend exotic vehicle wraps to anybody looking for a high-quality and professional job.
The car was delivered by a CA dealership to my dad in MD who then had to drop off the car 1+ hour away at EVW when he could find time off work and the wrap had to be finished by a certain date so my dad could then drive it to my homecoming later in TN where I'm stationed). I was very pleased EVW was able to get it conveniently done and with such great quality work.
Their advice to use Satin Black was definitely also on point and I was glad I took their advice. The job was done last summer and I'm still getting compliments from random people on the car's look.

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