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Aurora 3D Animation Maker is a professional application designed to enable you to create unique 3D animations.When you perform video editing and web design, you will think the text needs a cool animation to highlight the description of our content. Buffer Maker calculator is the ultimate program for fast and easy buffer design, with a built in editable buffer database, ability to prepare buffers from any reasonably selected combination of reagents and a friendly user interface.
Buffer Maker calculator is not yet another simple program using Henderson-Hasselbalch equation with all its intrinsic limitations. Buffer Maker calculator can be used to prepare buffers using multiprotic acids with close pKa values or using acids too strong for the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. When you enter the required pH Buffer Maker calculator will - whenever possible - calculate how much of both reagents have to be used to prepare solution. Passport Photo Maker is a software utility which helps people crop pictures according to the requirements of various ID types. The interface is quite neatly organized, seeing that you can make use of a folder structure, a preview panel and an editing window. This tool incorporates a large number of ID types (from driving licenses to Visas and passports) from a lot of countries, such USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Czech Republic.
This software app integrates automatic face detection, a feature which proves to be useful, as it helps you crop the picture faster and better. After all the changes have been applied, you can save the photograph to the hard drive, as a BMP, TIF or JPG, print and burn it to a CD or DVD. You might also want to know that it is possible to cut, copy and paste elements, undo or redo actions, generate statistics, view activity log and take pictures with your web camera.
To sum up, Passport Photo Maker is a useful piece of software which does not use many computer resources, has a good response time and a feature-rich environment. Sothink Logo Maker Professional is a practical and straightforward application that helps you to create interesting logos, buttons, banners, headers and signatures within seconds. When you launch the application for the first time, a new window will then appear that allows you to choose a template from the list.

Additionally, in case you want to access more resources and personalize your logos the way you want, you can easily import images and SVG files.
The Home menu enables you to add new objects by dragging and dropping them on the selected template, modify the colors, add text and zoom in or out. By accessing the Layout menu you are able to align all the objects the way you want, at the preferred position. In case you want to import new SWF resources or export the current logo as an image, you can navigate to the proper tab. Finally, the Config tab enables you to set the background color for the canvas, view the grid in order to design your logo in a better way and set the interface style that you like most. To sum things up, Sothink Logo Maker Professional comes in handy especially for users who need to create and customize logos using hand-drawing tools such as pencils, brushes and pens.
The installation process takes quite a while, given the wide range of utilities included in the installer file. For advanced photo effects, you can turn to the NTI Photo Maker and spice pictures up with the latest transitions and graphic filters. NTI Media Maker also sports a DVD Copy feature, which allows you to transfer the DVD content between two disc drives at a faster rate.
The bottom line is that NTI Media Maker is a great alternative to the popular, but more expensive programs that most users are addicted to.
Buffer Maker calculator is built around a powerful pH calculation engine, able to deal with any mixture of acids and bases.
The reagent is something that you can have standing in the bottle on the shelf - it can be 1M acetic acid solution, solid potassium sodium tartrate, salts of weak acids and weak bases, like ammonium hydrogen phosphate (solid or dissolved) or even buffer solution - for example pH=5.00 acetate buffer. In addition to that, any type of person can work with it, regardless of his or her previous experience with computers.
All of these contain measurements such as width and height of the picture, type of background and photo corners, which can also be customized.

It is also possible to rotate the image, tweak the brightness and lighting, replace clothes, change the background, as well as remove red eyes and use sharpen, contrast, blur, burn and dodge tools.
It also allows you to create your own logo by drawing with pencil, brush or pen, as well as set stroke width, style and make hollow effects.
Also, the application enables you to group the objects, flip them horizontally or vertically, or simply set their width, height or size. Popular names in this industry have their designated league of fans and while most people like to stick to what they know, other less known applications are struggling to keep up. NTI Media Maker 9 Premium features a colorful, polished, yet professional looking interface that offers you access to all of the program’s sections. One of the most exciting features of the program is the Home Video Maker, which allows you to gather up your photos into unique slideshows and burn them to high quality DVDs. The NTI DVD-Fit allows you to compress DVD movies to standard DVDs, while maintaining the original quality at a decent level. Aside from being capable of burning flawless audio CDs, users are also presented with a built-in audio editor, ripper and live recorder. If you’re willing to make a change regarding your CD burning software, this is one of the programs you should be looking at.
We did notice though that the application takes a little while to load its functions at times, but that also depends on your computer configuration, of course. Creating a trial version of your applications allows your customers to download and try the application in their own environment at their own pace.

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