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The official symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer; it is shown as like pouring water from the container. There are different designs created by different tattoo artists to represent the Aquarius signs.
The Aquarius sign designed by Ivan Keel and Melanie Paquin are most popular among the tattoo lovers. Incoming search terms:aquarius tattoos,aquarius tattoo,aquarius tattoo designs,free aquarius tattoo designs,tattoo aquarius,Aquarius,aquarius tattoo design,aquarius sign,aquarius sign tattoo,aquarius tattoos designs,No related posts. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Of course the first motivation for someone to get an Aquarius tattoo could be to express their star sign whose characteristics include non-conformism, artistic creativity and communication skills.
Those tattoo-lovers who want realism may ask their artist to use Japanese woodblock effects in preference to the old school jagged lines symbol common in the Zodiac.
Sometimes the bare outline of the constellation is shown with a broad spread of the stars across a big area of the body. If you're like most people born under the Aquarius sign, you've got a creative streak, an individual spirit, and a talent for arts. Aquarius tattoos may be something you consider if you were born between January 20th and February 19th.
The Aquarius sign - a glyph made of two stacked, horizontal waves - is universally recognizable and a standard zodiac tattoo. Many Aquarians also ink themselves with a water bearer, traditionally a man (believed in ancient Greece to be the god Aquarius) pouring water out of a jug or urn. Other common Aquarius tattoos replace the male water bearer with a beautiful woman, bathing or emptying urns. As with most zodiac tattoos, part of the fun of an Aquarius tattoo is finding ways to take the traditional, expected designs and tweak them to make them more personalized. A Japanese-brush effect can make your Aquarius sign more elegant or suited to your background. Another way to individualize your tattoo’s look is by modifying the Aquarius symbol to fit your needs.
You can add suns, moons, stars, and other symbols of space, astronomy and astrology to help make it clear that you are flaunting your zodiac sign.
If you're a lone-wolf (as many Aquarians tend to be) or very independent and thoughtful, consider using a figure of a man or woman sitting on a lonely cliff overlooking the sea.
Sea animals, especially dolphins, are another option, as these creatures were said to pull the chariot of Poseidon, the sea god. Another creative (though esoteric) idea is to get a tattoo of the chemical symbol for water: H20.

Flowers or plants associated with water, like reeds, lily pads, and lotuses are another good idea.
In the end, your options are only as limited as your imagination and your tattoo artist's ink and talent. This site brings you a fine collection of Aquarius tattoos that are notable for their striking designs.
There are a number of sources including various magazines, internet and astrology signs of many cultures to find a appropriate tattoo design for the Aquarians. Individuals coming under the Aquarius sign are loving, emotional and warm yet very intelligent.
The most common image found on skin is of a handsome man pouring water from a jug across his shoulder or a beautiful young woman swimming in the ocean. There are, however, various other images that are related to this star sign such as the planet Uranus, the turquoise sun stone and the air element. This can result in a more effective design that will impress people by virtue of its sheer simplicity.
If so, why not just get a tattoo that spells out, in an interesting font, the name of your star sign?
This man is sometimes kneeling or standing or has his back turned, and turns up just as often as a young, muscular kind of guy as an old, bearded man. Other posibilities are water nymphs, mermaids, or even the god Poseidon hoisting his trident. Try creating a tribal Aquarius tattoo by making the lines and angles of the wave design sharper, thicker, and less free-flowing. How about a tsunami wave or rising flood waters like in the picture below (Japanese style)? You can get an Aquarius tattoo that expresses anything you like, from a life situation to feelings for a loved one, from your personal outlook on life to your cultural background. The tattoo artist will help you in getting the right tattoo design and to modify according to your choice.
In fact each tattoo artist has their own modified sign that represents Aquarius and even in different cultures there are different signs for astrology. All of these have found expression in Aquarius tattoos at various times and on various people. What a lot of people dona€™t know is that this star sign is associated with a wide range of plants such as orchids – a very diverse flower with thousands of species which can possess quite surreal and amazing shapes and colors.
An elegant calligraphic script would seem to capture the essence of this sign but, as always, the final decision must lie with you and accord with your own personal tastes and desires. These sea-people are usually swimming, making intricate designs with their bodies or tails, or bursting from the waves.

On the other hand, you can make the glyph even more wave-like and turn it into a series of very shallow waves.
Just be extra careful when considering getting a fish tattoo, as these are the symbol for Pisces, the sign after you in the zodiac. Or, you can just get a good, old-fashioned Aquarius tattoo that still shows the world who you are - an Aquarius, open-minded, artistic, and stubbornly your own person. The tattoo is to be modified only to the extent that it does not affect the sign that it represents. These tattoos highlight the positive sides of the wearer’s characters including their hard working capacity and excellent leadership skills. It has been possible to combine all these facets into, for example, a tattoo of an armored man carrying water and stood upon the surface of Uranus while removing turquoise stones from his jug.
Alternatively go for a goldenrod or a dandelion, both of which are very interesting visually. Go for one fish rather than two or more, and make sure to emphasize the water around them, just for extra distinction.
People born under this sign (between January 20th and February 18th) are known to be an unusual combination of strong emotions and cool detachment.
In addition to these designs, the Aquarius signs designed by sergey furmony and new Babylon are also popular.
Check out the following collection as it includes some striking Aquarius tattoo designs suitable for all. For something really exotic why not plump for a bird of paradise which looks very much as its name suggests.
They are admired for their intelligence, warmth, hard working tendencies and leadership qualities. The people born between the dates of Jan 21 to Feb 19 represent Aquarius as their birth sign. The collection includes many tattoo ideas based on beautiful shades of green and blue to bring out the Water Bearer theme of the Zodiac sign. These people can also be very individualistic, stubborn, creative, inventive and out-of-the-box thinkers. They usually depict the image of the water bearer, the Aquarius glyph of double waves or the constellation of Aquarius. Apart from the traditional black ink tattoos, one can also get them in other colors or combine a design that makes use of both black ink and other shades.

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