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Military or army tattoos are usually sported by men who have been a part of the military themselves, or have an ancestor who was once a part of the armed forces and fought for their country. The military tattoos presented here are poignant in their meaning and quite elaborate in their depiction of war sceneries. The regulations went into effect in March cover a variety of appearance-related issues including hair styles, fingernails, glasses and jewelry.
May said the new regulations violate a constitutional ban on laws that retroactively change the legal consequences or status of actions that were committed before the enactment of the law. Tattoos have long been a part of military culture, but as they have become more popular, and more prominently displayed on the body, the various branches have been regulating them in to try to maintain a professional look.
Thorogood spent 10 years on active duty in the Army as a decorated soldier and sniper before switching to the reserves, a move that allowed him to pursue a degree in aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University and pursue certifications in flying planes.
Thorogood has 11 tattoos, including three on his left arm featuring a three-member sniper team, a second of skulls and the sniper logo of a serpent and spear and an ambigram of the words "Fear Is the Mind Killer." Once the tattoo regulations took effect, body art that Thorogood had before the regulations could get him charged with a military offense if he even applied for the position. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Soldiers could be allowed tattoos on their faces, neck and hands in a bid by the Army to enlist more recruits in the wake of savage defence cuts. However, Capita told MPs these strict rules were stopping the army from hiring the best soldiers. New rules governing soldier appearances may be coming down the pipe for those serving in the U.S. The proposed changes to tattoos, grooming and uniform presentation will only apply to soldiers — different branches of the military have their own regulations, and the only change the Army has confirmed covers what types of tattoos troops will be allowed to have.

Fortunately for the thousands of soldiers who already have ink, the Army is considering a grandfather clause for them, as long as the tattoos don’t have offensive content.
While the proposed regulations — which have already been approved and are awaiting Army Secretary John McHugh’s signature — largely focus on prohibiting tattoos that portray racist, sexist or extremist ideologies, they also ban tattoos that extend below the elbows and knees. Whatever the case, this is going to shake things up with the Army, who, like all militaries, has a tattoo culture. These tattoos can be very emotional and thought provoking to the individual who wears them, as it may speak of the days spent in the battlefield, or the memory of a lost friend or a loved one. The Air Force bans tattoos covering more than a quarter of an exposed body part, under regulations revised in 2011.
Attorney Ken Humphries said Thorogood's goal was to submit an application for an appointment as a warrant officer, which are usually technical leaders and specialists, and become a helicopter pilot.
Currently, some types of tattoos are already prohibited, although the current regulations are considerably less severe. It may also symbolically represent the need to take military action or the obstacles and challenges that one may face in life. Sixth Battalion, 101st Airborne Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Shadow June 24, 2010 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Army special operations unit wants a federal judge to overturn the military's new regulations concerning soldiers with tattoos.
The expected changes to Army Regulation 670-1 are likely to be more restrictive when it comes to tattoos, with the new regulations also possibly tackling grooming standards.
Any tattoos that are found to violate the policies will have to be altered or removed at the soldier’s expense.

Military tattoos quite often depict sceneries from the battlefield, wherein armed soldiers stand in line, with images of barbed wire or the national flag, and military helicopters flying by. Under the new regulations, any soldier with tattoos is barred from seeking a promotion to warrant officer or commissioning as an officer.
This would appear to be a grey area where there is room for interpretation on the behalf of troop leadership.
Sometimes a military tattoo may also depict contrasting images of violence along with angels who symbolize love and peace. Chandler III addressed why the changes were made, saying appearance matters and should "be a matter of personal pride" to soldiers. Military tattoos are often very simple, although they evoke powerful emotions in the minds of the observers. Thorogood of Nashville, Tennessee, said the tattoos covering his left arm from the elbow to the wrist aren't harmful, but the Army is using the body art against him and stopping him from fulfilling a dream of joining "The Nightstalkers," the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Thorogood's attorneys said the new rules are preventing their client from seeking appointment as a warrant officer. District Court in Paducah, Kentucky, seeking to have the new rules declared unconstitutional.
Another option was for troops will have to serve longer tours of duty - up to 12 months rather than six months.

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