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You would think after spending 18 years and 78 days on death row for a crime he never committed that Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3 would be hardened and bitter. A film on the WM3 ordeal, West of Memphis, co-produced by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, will be released in December. The latest Hold Fast video profile from the Sailor Jerry folks features New Orleans badass Annette LaRue of Electric Ladyland Tattoo. Yesterday, the LA Times published  "Horihide still practices the dying art of hand tattoo" -- Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore's article on the Japanese tebori master Oguri Kazuo aka Horihide. Papa Joe's Tattoo Sign Build from Luke Holley on Vimeo.Once again, Luke Holley offers another great video from the tattoo trenches, but this time, it's on the art and craft of sign making. Tattoo by Paul ReynoldsOne of the wonderful things about attending a convention is getting to discover new artists and their own approaches to tattooing. This Father's Day, we're happy to have Doug Moskowitz, son of tattoo legend Walter Moskowitz, talk about what it was like being raised by one of the Bowery Boys. As a Dad, he was selfless and you always knew that when he was with you there was no other place he would rather be. The radio station WNYC -- which I stream online here -- is on almost all the time in our place, if only so I can feel like I'm getting smarter. In September, from the 13th through the 16th, 120 brilliant tattooists from around the world will come together to share ideas, critique, create art, learn new developments in the industry, and of course, tattoo eager collectors.
Continuously pushing tattoo art beyond its traditional tenets is Jef Palumbo, a French-born tattooist who, for almost 20 years, has created a style that he describes as "just something in between 'pop' and 'street art'." Jef has inspired countless artists, particular those in the "art brut" collective largely concentrated in France, Belgium and Montreal. In yet another example of how fantastic the marriage of tattoos and tech can be, here's Ryan Reeb's video "Go Play Trains."It starts off looking like another beautifully produced short on the creation of a tattoo. One of the greatest science fiction authors of our time, Ray Bradbury, died today at the age of 91. I really want a dainty arrow on my ribcage -- An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.
Il dito comunque non l'avrei fatto: anche se e fatto bene, con le linee raddoppiate e volutamente confuse e gia una macchia in partenza, figurati tra qualche anno. Lavoro di altissimo livello, linee fluide, potenti e dettagli curatissimi degni di un vero scarabocchio! Never before written about in English, blackwork tattoos have their roots in indigenous designs, but today include a broad spectrum of styles—from simple to ornate, the book makes for a fascinating study of the incredible imagination and talent that the form inspires.
Based on street art but designed to harmonize with the body, Art Brut is a style popular in France and Belgium, made famous by artists traditionally working outside of the fine art world.
Black Tattoo Art Launch1o September 2009, 7-10:30pm129 Roebling StreetBrooklyn, NY 11211 maptel. When I look at someone like Paul Booth, I see something that I would work the rest of my life for just to be half as good. If you look closely here you can see it's a cover up of a girlfriend's name when I was 16 years old. He's discussed his new book "Life After Death," which will be released by Penguin Books in September. The TattooNOW peeps are also developing apps for others, particularly tattoo studios, artists, conventions and suppliers.
Demand has been great, and I'm not sure if there are spots left, so hit them up at  (413) 585-9134 or shoot them an email. Now, he's brought the cool to Coca Cola with his third limited edition Diet Coke bottle, aptly named "Tattoo." According to the Hollywood Reporter, the bottles are now available in nine European countries, but not yet in the US.
With a sharp wit, low tolerance for bullshit and a trove of brilliant tattoo stories, Annette does the Sailor Jerry legacy proud.

It's a fantastic read and one that I wish was ten times longer to get a greater sense of the rich tradition this master carries forth as he continues to tattoo at age 79.The article follows a Japanese-born American software manager, Motoyama Tetsuro, as he goes to Gifu, Japan to finish a tattoo that began decades ago.
At the NYC Tattoo Convention, I stopped one guy with a great thigh piece and got a chance to ogle -- another plus to these shows -- and it turns out he owns a studio and was tattooed by one of his artists.
Before Walter passed in 2007, Doug recorded his father telling golden stories of tattooing on NY's rough Lower East Side. Well, I just learned that I have a chance to actually get smarter about something I particularly love: the history of tattoos and body decoration as discussed by the ultra-awesome tattoo anthropoligist Lars Krutak, who has been featured here before. The Paradise Tattoo Gathering is aptly named because it doesn't fit the usual "convention" menu.
Pat Fish, whom I interviewed for Inked mag, says she won't use color inks anymore because she doesn't trust them, citing fungus found in batches of even famous inks.
Jef humbly explains how he came to develop his signature portfolio: I'm not the best about Japanese style or realistic, so I had to find my own way -- what I really enjoy doing and not what I can do to make money or bla-bla-bla. Non sono un tatuatore ma un semplice appassionato di tatuaggi, quindi se non vi dovessero aggradare i miei commenti sui vostri lavori vi potete tranquillamente illudere che io non ne capisca nulla.
When Kevin [Wilson, the manager at Sacred] asked if I wanted to do this -- because we were getting tons of emails from people saying they wanted them done -- I said yes as long as he explained to them beforehand that I am not a tattoo artist. In it, he describes the hell of living on Death Row and his battles with the American justice system. I interviewed the veteran tattooist for her Inked mag profile last summer, and it was a blast. Those stories are immortalized on the two audio CD set Last of the Bowery Scab Merchants -- a perfect gift for dad, mom, your crazy uncle, and especially your tattooist.
Lars will be on in a half-hour on The Leonard Lopate Show, along with tattooist Scott Campbell, who will be talking about the mechanics, art and removal of contemporary tattoos.Listen to it live or catch it in the archives after it airs. It's a place where artists and all lovers of tattoo can once again feel like we're a community, and to leave feeling better about the state of the craft despite the surge in its exploitation. You can still get a hold of these bags for free if you spend over $120 at the Sullen online shop this month. Back in the 70s and 80s, I remember, the only people who had tattoos were military and bikers.
There's a certain amount of physical pain that comes with it but for me it's very psychologically and physically comforting. TJ spent most of his time in The Village getting tattooed and decided to combine his love for the art with his business experience. A must have.By Doug MoskowitzMy dad was Walter Moskowitz and this Father's day I would like to tribute my late father with this guest blog entry.
It also doesn't hurt that it will be at the Keystone Resort, in Keystone, CO -- the heart of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Other featured teachers include Tommy Lee Wendter,  Alex De Pase, Bob Tyrrell, James Kern, Larry Brogan, Alex De Pase and TattooNOW. While there hasn't been an epidemic of poisoned tattoo collectors, many people do indeed have serious reactions, especially to certain colors. Adrian Sanchez from American Electric Tattoo in LA did the tattoo on Ryan, which was inspired by Ryan's son Ollie. So as long as they come in and do it as fun, I love doing it.Tell me about the very first tattoo you put on. Like, I stepped on the peddle accidentally and said, "Oh shit, did that go in?" That's the thing you never want to hear your tattooist say!You're also doing your initials as well as X tattoos. It's come a huge distance -- the quality of the artwork, the people who are getting it, and where they are getting it.

People talk about how bad it hurts, but for me, it's comforting enough where I've actually dozed off while I was being tattooed.
What I particularly love is that the top tier of many of the schools of tattooing will be present. You may come off as a little uptight to some, but as Beswick notes above, it may encourage more artists, and then companies, to pay attention to what you're putting into your skin. He also says he enjoys working with "maximum freedom" from clients, not limited to a specifically defined subject matter, but having the ability to work together with many ideas. I love this stage in his life where he can lose himself in his imagination while playing on his train table. Proceeds from the tattoos go to pay off the rest of the WM3 legal fees.There's a misconception that, with all the benefit concerts and fundraising by celebrities, the three walked out debt-free, but in fact, Damien's wife Lori had to take out two personal loans, and even on the very day they were set free, the Arkansas Attorney General called for an audit of the funds raised and slapped them with a $5,000 tax bill. No matter what your preferred style -- from realism to biomech to blackwork -- there will be the very best to work with you. Currently working in a private atelier in Berlin, Jef still travels back to Belgium, where he was for many years in Brussels at La Boucherie Moderne. From there, he developed his skills, earning a reputation that has traveled with him to New York, where he has made his home since 2001. Best to register in advance and feel free to send questions beforehand.]It's also best to get your tickets for the show in advance to save some money and beat the lines. While I was getting tattooed a couple of my friends helped me shoot this video to commemorate the event.
Alex has a diverse portfolio, but you can see a particular love for black and grey and photo realism. Out of my curiosity for how ink disperses through the skin and love of shooting video "Go Play Trains" is born. And that's what it says around it in the Theban alphabet; it's also nicknamed the Witches' Alphabet.
Call 800-258-0437 with Code CF1PTG for Keystone Lodge reservations (the Gathering has sold out the New England resort all 4 years). A couple of weeks ago, Brian [Grosz] signed up to get an X from Damien on his toe (considering most of his other body parts are being covered now).
He says that, from as far back as he can remember, all he wanted to be was a tattoo artist but it was a hard business to get into without knowing someone in the industry. He then started his fine art degree at the Royal College of Art in London and after that joined the British Army, where he was in active service for 10 years. He got his break while living in Spain where he met Andrew Higham, who was willing to teach him. He wanted to continue to learn from the best in the business and further refine his craft, and to do so, traveled the world from from France to Fiji.
What this represents is, whenever you're facing huge obstacles, you don't focus on them or you'll lose heart and be defeated. He's now made NYC his home base and works in all different genres of tattooing.Both Alex and Paul work largely by appointment only.
Well, they had a big concert to try and get me out and bring awareness to the case and one of the things they did was Johnny went on stage and read some of my journal entries, and the one he read was about this.

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