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Los alumnos deben traer un libro(cuento), el cuaderno de lengua castellana, esferos o lapices.
La buena educacion de los jovenes es ciertamente el mejor oficio, el mas digno y mas noble, el que tiene mas merito, el que mas ayuda, el mas necesario, el mas natural, el mas razonable, el mas grato, el mas atractivo, el mas glorioso. Read the Article on The Articles of Confederation and watch the video for added background info.

1.  Choose one of the events Shay’s Rebellion,  The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution or the Federalist Papers. A brief look into the topics of the Articles of Confederation, Shays's Rebellion, the Federalist Papers and the goal behind writing the Constitution of the United States. ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION VS CONSTITUTION VENN DIAGRAM Chart compares somei articles or confederation .

Add a “ hook” to the beginning of your news story such as “ Are you or a member of your family complained about the Articles of Confederation ?”  Bonus points if you come up with a clever pun like Carl Azuz does at the end.

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