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Signature Artifact Uprising products, including its own iPhone photo creation app, feature high-quality photo books whose pages are printed on 100 percent recycled paper and a collection of handcrafted wood items from mountain beetle pine. Artifact Uprising will continue to operate as an independent entity led by its CEO, Jenna Walker.
The deal, in addition to helping Artifact Uprising reach its full potential, “will accelerate innovation and refine the processes and experiences that bring your photos to permanence,” the company wrote on its own blog. Together, the companies hope to offer not only inspiration but the increased capability to create meaningful and beneficial products and memories.
Jackie Dove was in charge of The Next Web's Creativity channel from February 2014 through October 2015. Artifact Uprising places amazing emphasis on creating well-designed and environmentally responsible products that help to tell your personal story in the most beautiful way possible.
Do you have an inspiring blog, quote, or video?We are always looking for fresh new content and our mission is to inspire. No need to line up picture frames down the hall when you can add your own style to precious photos by hanging them in an entirely new way.
Scrapbooking can be fun, but instead of hiding the beautifully created pages in a book, why not hang them on the wall for all to see?
Again, using decorative knobs found at a hardware store, these frames can be staggered and overlapped for a clean, contemporary look.
Paint a few wooden planks, or a pallet, and simply attach metal clips to hold photos, wedding invitations, or a child's artwork.
If you like the creative fun of stringing pictures together, try this idea to shape a geometric web by wrapping string around nails.

Reminiscent of years ago when photos had to be "developed" in a darkroom and hung to dry, this method of stringing pictures together simply involves a sturdy wire and the necessary number of clips. The decision to join forces was natural, even obvious,” according to a statement on VSCO’s blog announcement. Trust us, the hangout vibes are crucialWe know it's tempting to head down to the college bookstore, buy three posters, and call it a day. They create gorgeous hard and softcover photo books, as well as photo books for your Instagram pictures, clipboard calendars, and regular ol’ square prints.
Leave a comment on the giveaway post, and tell us what why you’d love to win an Artifact Uprising book.
To add a sweet touch to your collection of photos, add stenciling with heartwarming words that may also increase conversation. You can use two simple curtain rods and rings to hang the pages, which can be changed on a whim.
A casual display such as this can provide a spot for current events that routinely change. The wooden blocks have small holes drilled in the back, so they can be hung on the nails for the finishing touch.
The geometric shape is interesting by itself and allows plenty of choices for picture arranging. Easily upload your photos and design your book using layouts suited for small square images. We their Artifact Uprising books are especially perfect for telling the story of your wedding with your photographs, as their clean and immaculately designed books truly showcase the beauty of your photos.

And don’t forget to check out Artifact Uprising to see more of their gorgeous products. With a few tools, they can be recycled to show arranged pictures on a dorm wall or practically any room! Then, place painter's tape so you can position the bottoms of the pictures in perfect alignment.
Regardless of what you decide, this is a chance to exhibit your own innovative style to provide the environment that suits you best.
With just a little more time, a few bucks, and minimal effort, you can make your room a place people will actually want to hang out in. Artifact Uprising is hands down one of the best services out there for showcasing your special photos in unique and beautifully designed photo books, calendars, and more. Be sure to use painter's tape, so it peels off the walls easily, without peeling off the wall surface. We’re so happy to be giving one lucky winner their own Artifact Uprising book for their wedding photos — read on to learn more! If you’re not a photographer, use this set of smaller photos (you can even pull from Instagram) and pick ones that will spark some conversations.
While you may have to do some sifting through hokey stuff on Etsy, there are also some original or vintage pieces that won’t set you back too much.Want people to know you have unmatched taste?

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