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A trilogy of the best Asian horror films.A house is haunted by the ghost of a serial Killer!!
2009 On the 7th night of his death, Shun’s spirit returns to possess his little sister Qing to exact revenge on those who brutally murdered him.. 2010 Cee breaks up with her boyfriend only to find out later that the new girl friend is dead. 2008 Yukie and two of her girlfriends are being haunted by the ghost of a classmate, they once bullied.
2010.When a beautiful young woman is found butchered into six parts by a river, with an arm missing, Kang a forensic pathologist is beckoned for one last job. 2011 It all begins when Ka-hee, an emotionally and psychologically damaged woman, finds a spirit medium to help her address her troubles. 2007.Seven pretty, scantily dressed nurses along with chief surgeon are involved in sick and twisted trade of debauchery and death while working in a strange and creepy hospital.

When three young girls from the same orphanage turn up dead, weathered detective Kim realizes he has a serial murder case in his hands.
In his dreams, a mysterious man murders her, slices her body into pieces, and flushes them down a toilet one by one. 2006 Taiwan movie.A team of scientists - led by enigmatic Hashimoto - captures the energy of a ghost child. A young novel writer embarks on her next novel,Slowly she is drawn into the other world, in which she experiences real and pure horror. He has committed infernal serial murders in diabolic ways that one cannot even imagine and his victims range from young women to even children. When the other two die under mystrious circumstances, Yukie sees only one chance for herself. At the intensive training course, a young yoga master, Nani explains to Hyo-jung and four other girls that only one person who masters the course most successfully can get the secret of ultimate and immortal beauty..

The murderous dreams haunt him into his waking memory, and eventually he feels as if his own body is being dissected and carved up by the surgical knife. Its inhabitants perform their mysterious demon ritual for the last time, but something goes horribly wrong..
A TV journalist with a fascination for documenting the paranormal, receives a letter from a woman describing strange noises coming from her neighbor's house.
Wallpaper images in the Asian Horror Movies club tagged: asian movies grudge terrifying ju-on. Wallpaper images in the Asian Horror Movies club tagged: asian ju-on grudge movies terrifying.

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