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Just like a beautifully inked image can evoke emotion and deep symbolism, so can a meaningful lyric, poem, biblical passage or simply just a name.
Speaking of spelling; please spell check every single word before tattooing any work or phrase on your body. The best placement for the written tattoo is a place on your body that is the least susceptible to shift and change due to weight fluctuations, aging and the long term effects of good ol’ gravity.
At EOD Tattoo in Denver’s Capitol Hill, our artists know how to do it all and will work with you to help you create a bad ass one of a kind custom tattoo…and we’ll help guide you towards the best script, size, placement of your tattoo. LUCKY BIRD TATTOO is an award winning custom tattoo shop and piercing studio in Annapolis, Maryland.
Lucky Bird Tattoo and the state of Maryland prohibits anyone under the age of 16 to be pierced or tattooed. ALL clients of Lucky Bird Tattoo must provide a valid photo ID before receiving any services by a Lucky Bird staff member, regardless of your age.

We’re collecting more feedback on each artist, our customers, and their experiences with each artists. Whatever the tattoo, the beholder is no doubt deeply connected to the image or the words that are tatted on their body.
Just because you had the correct spelling when you entered the shop, doesn’t mean that mistakes can’t happen between the front door and placing the stencil on your body.
You want others to be able to read your tattoo, so when you go to have the words tatted, aim to make the tattoo readable from at least 10 inches away. When it comes to writing, just like any tattoos there are a few things you need to consider so that you don’t end up with a blurry, misspelled blob of a sentence. These are also places that you yourself can see, so you can read the words you chose so carefully every day. You want to account for small changes in you body and allow your body to move about without ruining the tattoo.

For a custom piece that show’s off your personality and your story come to the best tattoo studio in Denver, Colorado: EOD Tattoo. We pride ourselves on giving our all into our art and providing one of a kind custom tattoos. Do yourself (and your high school English teacher) a favor and check your work before handing it in….erh, I mean, before tatting it on your body. Tiny cursive may look great for a few months, but as the tattoo fades and your skin changes, that tiny little loopy “e” is not just a solid blob, rendering that tattoo unreadable. Lucky Bird also host regular Guest Artist appearances from some of the best in the industry, giving our customers even more options for beautiful, custom work.

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