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Because those 'It's A Boy' bubblegum cigars aren't for everyone, this is a shot of the tattoo 20-year old Christien Sechrist got to celebrate the birth of his son, Perseus. Thanks to BD, who agrees faces are the best places for tattoos because that's how you let people know you mean business. Imagine how disturbing it would be to see a nightmare version of yourself as a baby every time you looked at your dad. Whichever "artist" agreed to put that on his face should be banned from ever inking another tattoo again. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome.

We’ve posted talon clad snakes which climb your bedroom walls in the early hours of the morning before, but this is our first 2 headed turtle post.
This little Red-Eared Slider aka trachemys scripta elegans was photographed at Xiaoyoujin Park in Hefei, Anhui province. Unlike the one legged snake this little guy does nothing as intimidating as visiting as you sleep, rather he just chills in front of the lens while people compare him to things they find in their pockets. This little guy doesn’t seem quite content with the attention he’s getting over the extra head so appears to have had some awesome ink work done across his chest for good measure too! Like seriously if you are going to get a portrait tattoo done in a Very obvious place at least get a tattoo artist that has talent for portraiture.

That is probably the only work this artist can get which makes the guy getting the tattoo even more retarded.

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