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Barcode tattoos are an unconventional form of body art whose popularity is rising steadily during recent times. We've added a selection of several barcode fonts to our free Tattoo Lettering Designer, so now you can make your own barcode tattoos at home.
Right now, only the first three of the barcode fonts generate scannable barcode tattoo designs -- the rest are just for decoration, although they do encode the information you type. To the person who wears one, a barcode tattoo can imply various things, both positive and negative. People often ask how barcodes hold information and sometimes think that barcodes can only represent numbers. In creating a custom barcode, each character you type is converted to a pattern of wide and narrow bars.
By the way, the letters that appear underneath barcode designs (which are the same as whatever you typed in with our free tool) actually cannot be read by a barcode scanner.
You can help ensure that your barcode tattoo will stay scannable by choosing a suitable spot on your body (see next question).
The bottom line: Don't try to pack too much information into a single barcode tattoo -- keep it short and choose a good spot, and it will be more legible for a longer time.
The back, shoulder, forearm, wrist, and back of the neck are the most popular places to get a barcode tattoo because they tend to be flat enough, and the skin doesn't expand as much over time.
Can I print temporary tattoos using your barcodes and lettering that I make in the Tattoo Lettering Designer? This bar code looks very interesting on the back of the neck, as P!nk chose to place it, leading to the idea that humans are products and they have to be labeled. The 1 9879-112001-1 3 numbers from the code are not chosen randomly by P!nk, but on the contrary. Also, the bar code can be a sign of protest against capitalism, consumerism and the advance of corporations.
We invite you to get your own bar code, either if you like P!nk and you want to honor her, or if you like the idea of expressing individuality or protest against corporation. Here is a beautiful inscription tattoo, written in hand writing style that says “What goes around comes around” and is accompanied by arrows that show directions of coming and going. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member.

If you are looking for a tattoo design that aptly symbolizes your individuality, just opt for a nice barcode tattoo.
They are the only kind of body art that also encodes a hidden message that can be read by a bar scanner. Just go to the Lettering Designer, click on the "PICK FONT" button, and then choose "Barcode" from the styles menu. Many people who might like to get inked with a barcode are very interested in high technology and believe humans will eventually merge with their technology. You can write whatever you want there, or leave those letters out completely, and the barcode itself will still scan the same way. As long as you keep your message down to a small number of characters, and make it large enough, you should be able to read it with a bar code reader that can read Code 39. The lines will eventually blur somewhat and this will affect scannability, especially if the design is not very big to begin with. Also, your design must be large enough for a scanner to be able to distinguish between the bars, so avoid making your tattoo too small. That is because most store systems are set up to read only their own product numbers, and your hidden message is probably not a product number.
You can purchase special paper that will allow you to make not only temporary tattoos, but also decals and thermal stencils. Actually, the singer thought of a bar code as a very interesting representation of some numbers which are very important to her.
9879 represents her birthday, September 8th, 1979, 11200-1 is the month and year when she released her best-selling album, “Misundaztood” – November 2001, while the final two digits, 1 and 3 are supposed to represent P!nk’s favorite number, 13. The main reason why someone choses to get a bar code tattoo is that it expresses individuality in this world in which it is very hard to get noticed.
People get this tattoo to express their anger against treating humans as instruments for the corporations’ marketing goals. The inscription refers to one of the key principles of Karma, which says that everything you do and the manner you do it will come back to you in the same way sooner or later. Barcodes are used in every consumer products to represent certain important data regarding a particular product. For best scanning results with these fonts, use single, short words (better under ten characters or less, best under five).

A barcode tattoo might also be a subversive statement about a totalitarian surveillance society. Some styles can only represent numbers, but some can also represent letters and even some other symbols. Some people do not care if their tat can actually be scanned, so we've included several barcode fonts that won't scan, but can be used to create nice designs.
See below for more information about how you can get a free barcode scanning app for you smartphone for testing your designs.
If you can successfully scan your printed design, you should also be able to scan it once it's inked. If getting a bar code stamped on your skin, you will feel maybe that you have your own individual distinction mark and numbers that are characteristic only to yourself. As a barcode is closely associated with an individual product, people prefer sporting them as an expression of their true individuality.
Other people just think it's cool to put a message on your body that has a meaning available only to those who have the technology to read it. Some people also believe that barcode tattoos symbolize a person’s stand against corporate manufacturers and corporate greed that is so prevalent nowadays. When a scanner reads a barcode, it simply re-translates the bar patterns back into the original characters. Your design will not scan from the screen if it is too long, and will not scan from the paper if your printer isn't printing very clearly too. A barcode tattoo can also have a religious connotation, and can be used to express the “Mark of the Beast” that is spoken about in the biblical revelations.
If you care about scannability, be sure to test your design before getting inked (see below)!
Barcodes also have an artistic value, as portraying the thickness of the lines as well as the space between them requires precision and mastery of skilled designing.

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