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Here you just want to draw in the iris and pupil, sketch in where you want the highlights to be, and lightly shade in a base tone for the iris. Here you want to add shading to the outer edge of the iris with lines that go toward the pupil. This might look like a big difference, but just add eye lashes by drawing thick lines that taper to a point.
There's not much to it, but you do want to spend some time just to make sure this part is exactly how you want it, or the completed drawing will not look good.

Also, you should draw some lines coming out of the pupil going towards the edge of the iris like you see in the picture. There should still be part of the iris that is the base tone, which you should accent by adding a shadow underneath to give it depth. I added some shading under the bottom eye lid here, but a also made sure I left a small outline of white around the eye where the eye lashes will go. I added detail to the iris by adding small black dots and lines and giving it small highlights.

You can either make the white part of the eye look glossy with highlights and shadows or you can put blood vessels in it, or both. Just keep adding detail and shading around the eye until your'e happy with it, and then your'e done!

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