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Smartphones have come a long way since their early days with their grainy cameras and the washed out images they produced. Whether you’re a casual snapper or an avid photographer with your iPhone (or iPad), the App Store also has an abundance of app that enable you to edit your shots and produce nigh on perfect images after the fact.
Pixlr Express aims to make it easy to edit your images with tons of free effects, overlays and borders. Mextures by Merek Davis is a great app for adding textures, light leaks and filters to your photos to create surreal compositions.
Snapseed is a favorite among iPhoneographers and offers a really high quality photo editing experience.
Kita terganggu, bukan karena hal-hal yang terjadi melainkan oleh pendapat pribadi kita sendiri terhadap hal-hal yang terjadi tersebut. Apple, in particularly, has prided itself on the camera performance of its mobile devices and the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras out there, with some great camera apps to make taking pictures even better.

You can adjust the color, exposure, lighten, darken, remove blemishes or red eye, and add effects to your images. You can crop, resize and fine tune your images with the ability to adjust tone, contrast, brightness and add a number of filters. There are over 80 different textures including film textures, gradients and gritty effects most of which are from actual 35mm film scans. Auto-correct can adjust the color and exposure of your image in seconds or adjust contrast, white balance, saturation and more, for the whole image or even in selected areas, manually.
The app has a ton of preset filter packs and effects to apply to your photos, each can be customized, tweaked and fine-tuned until it’s perfect.
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All edits you make are non-destructive, meaning you can revert to the original photo at any point.

The app contains a bunch of custom-made fonts and artworks that can be laid over your own images to add a personal touch. Exposure, temperature, contrast, crop, fade, vignette and more allow you to get the look you’re after. It’s really quick and easy to add the words or artwork to your pics as well as adjust them so that they look just right.
There’s also an ‘Inspiration’ feed within the app if you need some ideas for your own images. VSCO Cam also incorporates VSCO Grid, a photo publishing platform where beautiful imagery abounds.

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