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Adobe Photoshop is a world renowned photo editing application for desktop computers and Mac, however for a number of years, the company have also had a mobile version to their software available to download for free on iPhone and iPad.
The Photoshop Express app from Adobe is a reliable photo editing solution for quick fixes and playing around.
Snapseed has wonderful reviews on iTunes and because it’s free, it is simply a must download for any aspiring photographer. Aviary is one of those apps that when downloaded you wonder how you ever got by without it.
The app is constantly updated by its developers and they actively implement user suggestions, making it a hot favourite on iTunes. This app has more filters and settings than many of its photo editing competitors, and is a must download for the photographer in you. This entry was posted in Entertainment, Technology and tagged apps, camera, editing, instagram, iphone, photography, photoshop on August 21, 2013 by Tactus. If you guys want to try some really good editors that do almost anything then try Leonardo, and Photoshop Touch. Tactus Ltd, registered in England and Wales, registered address of Tactopia, Building 1, Olympic Way, Olympic Park, Warrington, WA2 0YL.
Quite a great online photo editing tool for those who fancy to add a bit of style to their photos, as of presently– includes a tool that can help to make photo collages straight from your browser, truly wonderful and worth your gander. This is one of the best online photo editing tool available. I have used PicMonkey, love it, so many features and tools to play with. This tends to be quite the traditional picture editor, giving tools that you’ll most certainly find on the feature list of Paint on your computer. Sumo Paint tends to be like a Photoshop-like editing application, although with an amazing collection of tools (including the magic wand).
The awesomeness of this tool is that it allows you to grab photos from several online resources, like Facebook, et cetera. PicMagick is an online photo editor that enables you to instantly spread magic to your ordinary photos. What it does is that it Adds effects, do skin touches, or simply put up some frames with text on your photos, PhotoCat got you covered. As new versions of Pixlr rely on more powerful hardware and software components, they provide new features: display higher resolution, access to the metadata of the image, the ability to use any font.
In Mei yan xian ji, you can choose to take the photo directly or use a 3 second timer that can be triggered by pressing anywhere on the screen. You might have heard of AutoCAD by Autodesk Inc., a basic requirement for most of the designing processes.
File management features are cool and eases your unorganized gallery, well optimized for high definition viewing experience. There are many shades to draw and can share them online or send it over text and email, considering the photo effects and features, this free app is no less than any paid app out there.
It allows you to reduce red eye on photographs, reduce noise, distort images and its most recent version also has a number of filters to choose from.
The Instagram app available to download for all iOS devices is not so much a photo editing app but more of a photo filter app and social network combined, as is the Instagram service.
This creates Polaroid type photo’s which whilst no good for landscapes are perfect for products and quick snaps.
It is a very clever app that will automatically adjust your photo to create the very best final image.
Aviary is a wonderful photo filter and editing app that merges the best of Photoshop Express and Snapseed.

Its appeal comes from its combination of Instagram and Flickr features, allowing users to easily share their photographs and apply filters.
There are some others like Handy Photo, Photogene and Picsart that have some cool powerful tools.
Also you can change the brightness, fade, shadows, blurr things, take out any blemishes, draw, choose what you want to stay colored, cut it, crop it, whiten something, and you can of course collage everything. And one of those things is having the ability to edit your own photo online without or very little cost to you.
You might require a small bit of exercise and practice, this platform can become a big tool for creating photos with quotes and such; it has the accurate features for sure. It’s got a motley bit of features, and one of the most appealing ones is the photo beautifier which can enhance your photos drastically, as well as the combination of social platforms make it simple to alter, and re-share your photos in a matter of seconds. Let me tell you why, let’s check overlays for instance, which you can utilize to incorporate special symbols to your photos and then distinctively style them, such as any specialized photo editing tool would, and it’s all free.
The company also has a mobile app available for those who want to edit photos on their mobile devices. LunarPic is an online photo editing tool  you can use to do incredible amounts of things with your photos through this tool, and I believe the most attractive feature is the ability to animate your photo, obviously.
It has this amazing feature that allows you could do to include custom text, which I think, as it is to me, will be appealing to those who’re into creating quotes; you can also adjust the aspect ratio of the picture, as you’re uploading it. This feature makes it really easy to navigate through your online photo albums, without having to waste too much time uploading and re-uploading. Put frames, borders, filter or enhance your photos speedily and simply, this tool got you covered.
It’s also photo editing tool on Facebook itself, and comes as an individually integrated tool for those who’re users of the social network.
I remember them being almost in every mall or area heavily populated with teenage girls, but now a lot of shops have closed down. Diptic - Another collage making app, but more useful for square photos unless you want to buy the app to make different sizes.
Lumie - A bokeh and light filter app that has some super bokeh designs as well as a couple galaxy filters as well. PhotoWonder - This is pretty much the same as Mei tu xiu xiu except that there's a beautify editing panel here including liquify, eye enlargement, blemish fix, makeup, skin whitening, and red eye fix. The two are pretty much the same except in Mei Pai you take the photo with filters already on, while in Mei lian xiang ji you take a photo without filters, then apply the filters and have the option of editing your photo. They make you look flawless, but also have the dreamy cuteness of the Sweet filter from Camera360. You may not have had tried them, have a look and comment below if am missing a best app than these. Apart, you don’t have to always try out with new snaps, can try with all images in your gallery. QuickPic is undoubtedly fast and does justice to the name, especially switching between images and windows. It features pinch to zoom effects and framing, and also allows you to create light leaks, as well as change saturation and brightness. It offers the opportunity for you to express your aesthetic inclinations that manifest in resplendently rendered photo edits that are just the feast for your eyes and everyone else who wishes to dine in your excellent artistic renditions. Generally can, you use this tool for resizing and cropping, as it offers a few great tools to manage the quality of pictures. There’s exactly something for everyone, and each one of the tools is managed individually, so you can choose one effect at a time and see what sticks.

It offers a bunch of editing tools you’d see in standard Photoshop and Paint and another thing good to see that it also uses Layers to help handle your photos. It’s also an open-source task, for those who perhaps want to explore this area of growth, and see what they can do. I recommend this to anyone who needs something that they can use on normal basis, as it gives very fast results. You can briskly retouch pictures, or just do plain old DIY editing and prance about with your photos as you go. Since there's so many apps on the market, I've compiled a list of my favorite top 10 (also including a recent find that is pretty damn magical).
The thing I like about this is that you can custom move the frames and create your own unique collage based on how much of each picture you want to show.
It's really easy to make those OOTD mirrored shots in this app and now you can be all fashionista!
I love the feature that allows you to crop different shapes such as circles, ovals, and triangles.
Trust me, it’s worth your curiosity, passion, time, and just takes 6MB of your space!
You can take snaps with one click in the app and style it with lots of border designs, photo effects, color contrast, etc. This got us thinking, what are the best photo editing apps to create truly stunning – and also fun – photographs on the iPhone?
You get to choose from a variety of one-touch effects, or simply move your cursor across the screen to crop, resize, rotate, or adjust colour. In any case, if you don't have access to a purikura machine and want to make your photos cutesy with random flowers or even a llama, you can do it straight from your phone now! The annoying thing is that you can't change the intensity of the filter, so it's pretty much one size fits all. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, vignette, sharpening, grain, etc. A fan favorite being the "Sweet" filters, as it  makes everything look cute and dreamy. This makes sense as users of the top social networking sites have conditionally been the victims when their private data was under auction!
It will do everything that you want a photo editor do, resize, crop, rotate, color balancing, etc.
One thing that impressed me is, you can lock in your certain images with password and browse numerous snaps instantly, loads faster like personal assistant apps. Coming to futures, it has everything and all tools are in place, use them alter your snaps, but what’s special? And never fear: You can undo and redo your changes until you get just the look you want—a copy of your original file is always saved.
I've been reading your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas!

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