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It's every app developer's dream to be featured in Apple's collection, and this year's list has a nice mixture of everything. To help you find something you'll like, we've collected all of Apple's top picks in one place so you can check them all out and download your favorites. It’s been asked over and over again: can a simpler software tool attract more people to music making? I love the minimalism, in that it makes an app that’s uncommonly friendly to beginners. Stockholm-based developer Henrik Lenberg, a veteran of SoundCloud and Propellerhead, is evangelical in his commitment to Auxy and its less-is-more approach. Yes, having different options for exporting midi and audio makes total sense and we’re working on adding more stuff. What would make this totally more awesome is for it to simply be a remote for Ableton Live or Bitwig.
Whatever sequence you put into Auxy would magically appear as a new pattern in the session view.
Then there’s the Wejaam stuff, Korg iKaossilator with a similar spontaneous trigger grid, and Electrify NXT which certainly comes closest to Ableton Live.
Apple recently announced its best apps of the year, and the winner for best iPad app is Pixelmator, a powerful new image editor. Pixelmator got a lot of buzz after its team was invited to demo the app onstage at Apple’s big iPad event in October, and after watching a photo get touched up and transformed in real-time, it's easy to see why. Pixelmator is both incredibly powerful and user-friendly, a rare combination that will appeal to veteran photo editors, digital artists, and even the casual person who takes some pictures on her iPhone and wants to make them look special. While Pixelmator also exists for Mac, the app feels truly at home on the iPad’s interface.
If you’re looking to work with photos, Pixelmator offers a full suite of photo-editing tools that will let you choose a template, adjust colors, add effects, retouch, resize and crop, and insert text and shapes. You can even remove undesirable objects from a photo quickly with Pixelmator’s Repair tool. For those looking to give their photos an artistic look, Pixelmator offers some gorgeous filters such as Light Leak, Vintage, Black and White, and even a fun Miniaturize effect that makes your photo look like a toy model. Pixelmator is also a fully featured painting app for digital artists or those simply looking to add some paint to their photos. You can start a painting from scratch, choosing one of Pixelmator’s 70 realistic or stylized brushes, or paint over an existing image.

Apple has added a section for the "Best New Game Updates" on the App Store, allowing users to view recently updated titles from a number of developers.
Last month, Apple rolled out a new monthly App Store section highlighting the best apps, games, and updates, joining the other highlighted sections for "App of the Week" and "Editor's Choice".
A while ago an article talked about them creating relevant word searching (which should have been there since day one) but where's that? There are really only two major updates I want to see for the App store, especially as it relates to games. Apple plans to adopt a glass body for at least one iPhone model set to debut in 2017, reports Nikkei, citing a statement from Catcher Technology CEO Allen Horng.
Apple today invited journalists to San Francisco to preview its new Union Square store, set to open this weekend. Today marks 15 years since the first two Apple retail stores opened on May 19, 2001 in Tysons Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California.
As was rumored earlier this week, Apple today announced plans to establish a new iOS App Design and Development Accelerator in Bangalore, India.
You’ve got four tracks in which you can create, edit, then trigger different patterns.
There’s a drum kit with three sets of sounds, a bass track with four sounds, and two synth tracks with a choice of five sounds. Tap the record button in the upper left-hand corner, and Auxy lets you live record an arrangement by triggering different clips. If it worked with inter-app MIDI, it might become my go-to pattern maker for the various interesting synths you can now collect on iOS.
The typical non-producer musician often cares more about mic input than us electronic folks – because they sing, or play guitar, for instance. Finding a narrower set of features that still appeals to a broad range of people is a bigger challenge. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates addressing some of the things Peter asks for in the article.
I agree that it could use a lot more features, but everything that IS included is absolutely perfect. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates that will address some of the things Peter asks for in the article.
Most burning question for me is whether you plan to implement midi export, especially via Dropbox.

Just want to be careful about adding the right things and adding them in the right way so that the app doesn’t get cluttered and confusing. The touch controls feel intuitive rather than tacked on, which is nice for those looking to sink some serious time into image editing.
There are tools for adjusting the style and size of the brush stroke, and there's even full stylus support, allowing you to paint with a Wacom stylus if you prefer.
It’s easy to use for the novice, contains enough tools to keep the expert interested, and is both flexible and powerful enough to make a compelling case as a primary editing application for photographers in the field. Notable updates to games were previously included in the "Best New Games" section which now includes more recently released titles.
Zombies 2, FarmVille 2, and Maleficent Free Fall, which recently received updates that added new enemy types, new animals, and new stages, respectively. Apple also debuted an "Indie Game Showcase" section on the App Store in March which showcases the best games from independent developers.
Tapping a circular icon on the left brings up clever draggable knobs for controlling a filter, volume, and (in all but the drum kit) one sound parameter. If it exported MIDI (or, as KORG recently showed, Ableton sessions), it could be the perfect mobile idea recorder. If that discipline can be applied to providing a broader range of possible sounds, and some ability to use Auxy as a sketchpad for other music (with MIDI and Ableton export, for instance), I think it could be a landmark tool.
Apple also appears to be showcasing a mix of titles from both major developers such as EA and smaller indie developers. All these apps have own unique features like, sharing, import, export, debugging, editing, enhancing, sound making, boosting quality act. I stumbled around the UI for a couple of minutes before I found it, and once I got there, tapping tiny icons apparently supposed to represent the piano roll editor and puzzling over what a pencil toggle with a lock meant, I realized it’s nothing like Auxy.
My feeling that I had seen Auxy before was more to do with a sense that this is how touch piano rolls should work, more than how they generally do. Most of the customers are Professionals, Students and business users who can record speech for subject classes, business meetings, seminars, and calls. From the above list of Best voice recorder apps for iPhone, seems its enough for every age people for professional and rough use.

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