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Spider-Man is a well known character throughout the Marvel universe and one of Earth's mightiest heroes!
His motto is "With great power comes great responsibility", which is summarized after a lesson taught by his uncle, Peter's biggest hero who died soon after Peter gained his powers. Spider-Man and Deadpool have met a few times over the years, and it wasn't always very pleasant. Deadpool has appeared in Spider-Man video games as a villain, that character is a loose amalgamation of 616 and Ultimate Deadpool. Deadpool and Spider-Man's actual first meeting in Amazing Spider-Man #611's cover features Spider-Man wearing Cable's gear. They first met when Deadpool time-traveled back to the past where he met Peter Parker and pretended to be him to meet weasel.
Ultimate Deadpool is an Ultimate Spider-Man villain based on classic Spider-Man enemy, Sin-Eater.
Deep down, Deadpool wishes he could be like Spider-Man but realizes he enjoys killing too much.
The Deadpool of this episode is closer to the 616 Deadpool rather than the Ultimate version.

He also keeps devices on his wrists that allow him to shoot a strong adhesive spider-like sticky white web.
An example of this is in Issue #10, Volume #4, when the dynamic between the characters is slightly altered. This is due to The Superior Spider-Man, Otto's new opinion on evil-doers, and the fact that Deadpool unknowingly made fun of him during a battle and stole one of his web shooters.
There are also some instances where they don't see eye to eye, a key example of this is Deadpool's mercenary and lack of morals. The durable, lightweight, and non-toxic qualities of polycarbonate make the Ultra Fit a reliable solution for protecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from external impacts. Despite this, they have been shown to have incredible teamwork and in truth Deadpool has a deep admiration for Spiderman, and wants nothing more than to be his best friend. Additionally, Deadpool's continuous flirtation with Spiderman has lead many to believe that there may also be romantic connotations between the two. Speedup welcome and thank you!Mens Leather Wallet + Money Clip by MoseegĀ® - Crazy Horse - Genuine Full Grain Leather - Full RFID Protection - Sexy, Slim & ClassyA SAFER, SLIM N' SEXY WALLET - Classy wallet that fits every style These genuine leather wallets are made for every money needs.
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