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Lexington Medical Center's website has a clean, professional color scheme with a thoughtful use of purple as a spot color for things like call to action prompts.
Terrebonne General Medical Center's website incorporates a textured background makes the website seem less "flat." Additionally, their navigation tabs are very clearly marked and help users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
Wishard Health Services' website in organized into three main sections that makes it easy for busy users to scan and find the information they're looking for. While many web design companies use the standard templates and other design features for their websites, Rose City Websites goes the extra mile for clients and dares to think outside the box. December is always a great time to look back on the year that was and the new year that is soon to come. So while 2014 is knocking on the door, let’s look ahead and see what kind of new(ish) Web design trends we can look for and be inspired by come the new year. A typography-lover myself, it’s great to see more designers experimenting with different types of type.
Apple has for a long time been a trendsetter, and what Apple does, the rest of the world seems to follow. Large hero areas (the “intro” area, often an image with a little amount of text, at the top of a website – a borrowed term from print design) on website home pages are running rampant (for example, most of the sites featured in Line25’s “Sites of the Week” weekly posts) – and it is a trend we don’t see going away either in 2014. Now that responsive Web design is becoming more common place, we are starting to see websites dig deeper into our mobile lifestyles.
Videos are becoming easier to produce, and easier to share not on your website, but on social media as well. Plus, many video services such as YouTube allow you to track how many views it got, allowing you to better plan your content for your website.
We’ve become comfortable with scrolling through a website to read and find information, and now with websites using more design techniques such as increased white space and responsive Web design, long scrolling sites are starting to appear again. Several years ago, it was common to have long scrolling sites that where slammed with content.
Some websites being launched now are using very little color, or even forgoing color all together. We’ve kind of hit on this throughout this post, but while 2013 seemed to be the year of King Content, 2014 will keep the king humble and down to earth.
Not many areas on websites these days (except blog posts) have more than about 250 characters. This is more for blog or magazine-type sites, but many of these sites are experimenting with dropping the sidebar all together. Imagine this: you reading an article without things flashing, crowding, or otherwise buying for your attention. While it is easy to just throw any old photo on your site, it is a little more difficult to manipulate  it into something different.
Expect to see many more things hit the Web in 2014, such as the use of HTML5 to animate different parts of a site. Owner and Creative Director of January Creative in Nashville, Tennessee, Amber has been a self-employed graphic and web designer for over eight years, starting early in her collegiate career.
Attract, convert and retain new customers through effective web design and internet marketing strategies. Long Term SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you get pre-qualified targeted traffic to your website.
Social Media MarketingEngaging your current customers and connecting with new ones on social media can lead to increased bottom line. Conversion Rate OptimizationHaving a beautiful website is nice, but having a high converting website is better. Link Building & ContentCreating high quality content that attracts the best links is a priority when it comes to effective web marketing.
Local Search StrategyWith more than 50% of all Google searches having local intent, having a local search strategy is a must.
You can have a nice looking website and even have a good amount of traffic to the site, but if you don’t have conversions you are losing money. We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase organic search drastically and compete for 1st page rankings of highly competitive keywords.
Are you looking an impressive design agency website template or have a project for client design agency website? Montreal is a unique, modern, interactive and creative Drupal 7 theme perfect for creative single portfolios or creative agencies. Synergy is a responsive & interactive fullscreen portfolio for artists, photographers, media agencies, restaurants and for everyone that wants to showcase their portfolio in a professional way.
A powerful and in the same time easy to work with responsive professional WordPress theme ready to push your business forward. Perfectly use for blog, portfolio, business, creative agency, design studio or any other related website. Angular is a responsive WordPress Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. It comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. Cartel WordPress Theme is a fully responsive HTML5 theme that is ideal for design and photography studios or freelancers.

It offers a masonry gallery, awesome hover effects, full width sliders with touch support, fullscreen backgrounds, fashionable captions and tons of professional styling options. Bold, beautiful, full of character and fully responsive – Volumes is a great asset to any creative freelancer or agency.
Baylie is a multipurpose agency theme with a full screen parallax slideshow, perfect for making a bold impact with big and beautiful images. Artisan Creatif is the ideal, turn-key WordPress theme solution for creative professionals, design firms, agencies & studios.
Hand crafted by the We Are Pixel8 team specifically for the versatile WordPress application, Artisan Creatif is the perfect means in which to show off your creative profile while providing users with a unique, effortless and enjoyable experience. Web Page Design for Designers – web design and web development articles, forums, and It is the best option for graphic professional.
Solutions for the Webmaster – Over 3 million users use our free HTML Editor, Web Hosting, Web Design, Website Builder and Website Promotion products and services.
The search box is easy to find if while browsing you can't find exactly what you're looking for.
Internal Medicine websites should inform their audiences of important medical news as well as achievements by the doctors on staff. Our services include web strategy & planning, website design, mobile solutions, application development, and analytic reporting. Incorporating customer ideas into the design, Rose City combines custom-designed features, special coding and other ideas for website flow and response into a winning combination.
Our team has a extensive experience in the industry, and our Best Web Design Firms & Website Design Awards are now one of the fastest growing! There are many exciting things that 2014 has in store for us who live, work, and produce the World Wide Web we love and cherish. Many of the trends that were spotted last year are still around today and will undoubtedly take off into 2014. They could have used any old serif font, but they picked a beautiful serif font that keeps it professional but with a side of personality.
Last year we said that more than likely, Apple was going to shake its Skeuomorphism, and boy did they ever.
They are quickly taking over real estate on websites where sliders used to reside (until proven that they don’t work).
Designers are increasingly working on keeping their sites functioning on mobile devices, but developers are taking it a step further to help along with the fact that so many more devices are accessing the Web, and so many more users are using their phones to browse the Web. Integration with social media, asking for email subscriptions, long scrolling sites (see below), and fast loading sites all help make the mobile Web a more friendlier place. Something else you will start seeing all over the Web (especially in hero areas) are videos. While some may argue that videos don’t belong on a website home page due to the large amount of data they take to load and run (especially on mobile devices and internet with data caps), videos are an effective way to communicate something technical or new when words just don’t cut it.
Well, now we are seeing long scrolling websites but the content is more organized and in a much easier format to digest. That site has only one hue: blue (in design and art, white and black aren’t considered colors, but neutrals). White, black, and everything in between are popular color schemes now, and adding just a hit of another color, such as red, adds drama and impact – all things that garnish attention when used in the right way. Over the years as a population, our attention spans have become shorter, so designers have compensated for that by putting content in short bursts instead of long narratives. Designers understand this and are working to make your reading experience more pleasant by getting rid of these distractions and expanding the content of the article to take over the page. In 2014, we will see more images that have things such as color overlays, blurred images, or even images that are reminiscent of Instagram images with filters. As the Web grows and becomes more involved, and as more things are developed, designers and Web developers are going to get their hands on them. For example, Tobi’s Story’s website (image above) is a great use of really cool things done in a great way. Amber has a unique passion for not only all things design, but all things business as well. High converting websites have several elements that engage the visitor and get them to take action.
If you want to REVOLUTIONIZE your web presence and start making a real impact with your web marketing, then give us a call today at 337-303-2841.
Before you choose or start it, you should consider target audience be the focal point for a design agencies website first. It offers fullscreen slideshow, parallax homepage scrolling 6 different portfolio versions 3 different portfolio single items, awesome blog layout, a fully working project planner a contact form and much more.
A lot of build-in-extensions and functions will give you a new experience in Content Styling. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any kind creative is now able to create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase their work with a elegant touch. Agency is a corporate theme that allows design agencies to easily showcase their design portfolio, display their products and service offerings, provide social proof through customer testimonials, and display the hard working people on their team.
With extra wide and parallax-style media, it’s a perfect for showcasing photos, illustrations, videos and audio.

28 predefined skins (which are easy to modify from your backend), font and color options as well as dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time. An attractive showcase for you work packed full of features, a filterable portfolio, custom widgets, custom page templates and more. Whether you’re an established photography studio or an up and coming artist, Artisan Creatif will answer your needs for a professional portfolio publishing platform. Though most browsers can translate into a different languages, Wishard went the extra step to make a bilingual website for their users. Since the average internet user takes only five seconds to decide whether to stay on a website or move on, it's imperative to have a site that stands out.
After all, that’s why they are called trends and not fads, as trends tend to stick around for a few years while fads are only hot for a very short time. Designers are starting to find different fonts to add to their arsenal that add a little personality and uniqueness to their designs.
We expect to see many more websites in 2014 getting away from very simple and overused typefaces and finding some with personality. With the release of iOS7 came the design aesthetic most commonly known as “flat design.” While dropping drop shadows and gradients often seems like a good idea in some cases to give a more updated look to things, Apple took it to a whole other level by dropping pretty much any design element it could. It doesn’t seem boring because the layout changes up throughout, and for most users, they don’t realize how far they are actually scrolling.
The use of a more simple color scheme seems to come with flat design (discussed above), but not always. They’ve manipulated the image to give an antique and rustic feel to match with the rest of the site.
Freelancing as a student gave Amber an opportunity to write a student freelancing book, appropriately named Students Freelancing 101: A Start to Finish Course to Becoming a Student Freelancing, to help other students who want to start freelancing.
Having a great website that looks good is a starting point but having a website that is effective and making your money is totally another thing. These elements help to bring your potential customer into your sales funnel and can create on going marketing opportunities if done correctly. Lets suppose if you are targeting corporate companies and firms then your web site should be master piece of professionalism.
With the 100+ features, WS-None is providing you with the professional look your website might be looking for. It is one of the best templates for personal portolios, creative agencies, corporate businesses and freelance workers. Myway is built with bootstrap, that sad it’s super easy to customize or add any element.
This template has been designed for an Digital Agency , small business, landing page or would be perfect for a portfolio. Fully customizable using the Themify shortcode convention, allowing complete freedom in how the website behaves and displays itself across any and all devices.
Born from our extensive knowledge and experience as a boutique design and development studio, this theme is expressly designed to successfully showcase and promote your work with elements such as a filterable portfolio, individual case studies and much more. When those in the Pacific Northwest and beyond need the best web design and development, they turn to Rose City Websites. With website design packages beginning at only $3,000 it's a small investment that can pay off greatly year after year. The site above uses blue predominately throughout the design, but it is the only color you see.
We have heard it time and time again from business owners how they have a beautiful site but get no real business from it. Fill out the form to left on this page and let us know you would like to talk about your website and how you can turn it into a cash machine. On the other hand, if you are going to attract any individual for personal resume or blog building then you can add some funkiness in your design. With its intuative administrator panel, full documation and video tutorials, the template can be easily adapted to suit any size of business including individual, small or large corporations. Come with clean, airy, responsive design and a lot of customization options and preview variations of Home page, portfolio, blog, gallery, etc. Located in Portland, OR they specialize in designing websites for companies big and small as well as e-commerce sites.
Then, obviously a beautiful portfolio website can serve as a highly effective marketing tool for attracting new business. It includes the amazing Revolution Slider (worth $15, included for Free) with lots of awesome transitions effects, animations, 3D effects and a handy drag & drop editor to easily customize and add images, videos and effects to your home page slider. Use web development and website design to build sites that customers return to over and over again. Whether it's getting the message out about your business or reaching more customers to attain higher sales, Rose City Websites offers solutions to business dilemmas.

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