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There are many popular Japanese dragons’ tattoos that memorialize the great Japanese dragons like, the Rain dragon Sui Riu or the mysterious and often misunderstood Ri Riu dragon.
This great dragon tattoo uses the chest for the focal point, with dark ink and shading work.
This large scale Japanese dragon looks great in dark ink, with the wings spread across the shoulder blades.  While not traditional for Japanese dragons to be illustrated with wings, many people choose to blend the eastern and western dragon history.
This highly detailed dragon makes great use of the upper arm winding around to the upper chest, with a great use of color. This beautiful dragon looks good in dark ink on the upper body; fabulous detail work that can sometimes only be shown in dark ink. Incredible use of the soft tone colors work well, but don’t change the meaning of the art work here.

This Japanese dragon tattoo is designed with an air of mystery.  Is the dragon creating havoc among the blossoms or frolicking? This colorful mischievous Japanese dragon tattoos make a great upper body piece.  Is it holding it’s prize or getting ready to launch it?
This is a perfect use of dark ink with proper shading and highlighting to give a sensual look. The very popular symbol of good luck and fortune make the dragon Fuku Riu perhaps the most commonly seen Japanese dragon tattoos.
The contrast between the tribal and detailed traditional scales really accentuates the piece.
This Japanese dragon tattoo is filled with symbolism and meaning that only the wearer knows for sure.

This symbol has become an international sign to represent one’s moral support for women with breast cancer. Parents often symbolize the dragon with the meaning of guardianship to maintain their focus as they raise their children.

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