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Although still one of the most popular tattoo design sites out there it wasn't my top pick, simply because Tattoos City much more value. Each of these sites offers a 1 year membership for a relatively low price, so whether you are looking for only one tattoo or think you will be getting multiple tattoo's over your lifetime, a membership at a tattoo design website is a great investment in my opinion. Could this work next to a black and grey tattoo, or would I be better off putting it somewhere else on my body?

As for the placement, if I put it on my inner bicep should I "flip" the image so that when I stretch my arms out, Bebop would be facing right side up? Theres a tattoo I'd want in color that I'd maybe want to place on my inner bicep on one of the arms with the black and grey tattoos already on them. That way I'd have two black and grey tattoos with a bit of color splashed in making them mesh together better instead of one being mostly black and grey and the other being full color.

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