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So I pulled up the Adobe font called "Poetica Chancery" -- which is a simply wonderful font with four different families including a swash version. I began pulling and pushing the ascenders and descenders -- pulling them further and further out -- and away from the word. 1940'S Brush Script, Connected, Cursive Calligriphic, Flat-Nib, Retro Script, Vintage Letters To Download. I immediately converted the lettering to outlines so I could clip and snip letter parts from one letter to the other.

I had to create new terminals on these because I really didn't care for the ball terminals.
Calligraphy is a special, unique art to those that take a passion in producing beautiful Calligraphy Fonts and Letterings, you can find some great Calligraphy Letter Writing styles below. It was a tough one because in order to use a "similar" descender I would have to completely change the back stem.
A slight modification and my 180-degree rotated copy of the 'h' looked like a beautiful 'y' -- and I didn't have to reinvent the descender!

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