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Career counseling: Professional manga artist Masahiro Muraoka (left) and local students show each other the characters they have drawn during the 'Mansai'manga festival in Kochi Prefecture in October.
Alhough Kochi and Tottori prefectures are located far from the big cultural centers like Tokyo, the distance poses little challenge to their quest to capture and foster fresh manga talent in the cyberspace age, officials believe. Over the years, the two prefectures have enjoyed a small tourism boom as the native lands of manga doyens Takashi Yanase (Kochi) and Shigeru Mizuki (Tottori). He expressed hope that the experience of having their work subjected to the critical eye of others would encourage children to pursue a professional career in manga. Meanwhile, Tottori Prefecture has successfully bid to host the 2012 International Manga Summit, a get-together for artists from around the world scheduled for November. The two prefectures are aware that to maintain their status as manga hotbeds they can’t rely solely on the popularity of veteran, established artists.
Until a few years ago, a museum in Tottori featuring another popular manga artist hailing from the prefecture, Gosho Aoyama, attracted more than 70,000 visitors annually.
However, yearly attendance has declined to less than 60,000, prompting a flurry of efforts to whip up interest, such as sponsoring manga drawing classes taught by professional artists. Because the Internet allows people to work from anywhere, prefectural and municipal governments see it as important to create a business environment attractive to manga artists so they will continue to stay in their hometowns.
Jobs in the manga industry still center in Tokyo, where publishers are concentrated, but the regional governments are making efforts to provide job opportunities. For example, as an effort to help put fledgling artists on their feet, Kochi Prefecture is organizing a competition focusing on ideas for game characters and scenarios. The winners will get the opportunity to commercialize their work under contracts with local companies.
Applications for the competition are accepted exclusively from residents or natives of the prefecture in Shikoku.
Kazuma Yoshimura, head of the International Manga Research Center at Kyoto Seika University, is optimistic about the future of manga. If creating visual effects for movies, televisions, mobile devices, and other media forms sounds just as fun as watching them, you may enjoy an animation career or a multimedia artist career.
Multimedia artists and animators utilize pen and paper and computer programs to create illustrations.
Multimedia artist careers and animator careers typically involve working as part of a larger team of animators and artists, all working on creating the same movie, show, game, or program. Multimedia artist careers and animator careers include mapping out storylines and making adjustments as needed based on deadlines and feedback from directors, game designers, head animators, or clients. It’s common for multimedia artists and animators to not only specialize in a specific field, such as animated movies or video games, but to further specialize within that field, such as designing only characters or scenery. A multimedia artist career or animator career may begin with a Bachelor of Computer Graphics, Art or Animation degree or a degree from a related field. Individuals wishing to enter a multimedia artist career or animator career should put together a professional portfolio showcasing a variety of their best work. Multimedia artists and animators may also receive on-the-job training to learn how to use a company-specific animation software. Forecast: Eight percent employment growth from 2010 to 2020 for multimedia artists and animators, slower than average for all occupations.
The increased demand for animation and visual effects in everything from video games and cell phones, to television shows and movies increases the demand for multimedia artists and animators. Belgian techno producer Tom Hades has been at the top of his game for considerable time now, releasing across numerous labels and successfully building and running the influential label Rhythm Convert imprint alongside longtime friend Marco Bailey. We caught up with Tom following the release of his impressive rework to find out more about how he’s been spending his time, Rhythm Convert and what went into this remix. Tom Hades: Well, as my usual daytime occupation, being busy with my company on software development and figuring out what will be the best way to get new businesses.
EG: Nowadays, where do you feel most of your time is spent, in the studio or out behind the controls in the club? EG: Your label Rhythm Convert has been going for a number of years now, how do you feel running a label has changed you, as both a person and artist?
TH: It has made me more of an adult artist, because it gives you more responsibility towards other artists, and in many cases they start to see you as a kind of “parent” which helps them out to develop in different ways, especially since I decided to release a lot of unknown artists to give them a platform to release their music out. EG: Looking back at the Rhythm Convert back catalogue, is there one release that really stands out above the rest and why?
EG: Moving back to you as an artist, how do you feel your sound has changed over the years? TH: I guess as every artist, you start to grow in your sound and be more critic on your own productions.

TH: I really liked the original track and it felt like immediately how I could get my own signature on it, I was happy to do this. EG: What did was the main goal you wanted to achieve from this production, how did you want it to affect the dance floor? EG: Have you had a chance to test it out on the club scene, if so how has the reaction been? EG: You have released previously on the label, how did this relationship come about in the first place?
After spending almost 15 years in the corporate, sales and marketing area of the hospitality industry, Mike Lenhart decided to pursue his passion for visual creativity and make a jump to graphic design and visual communications.
When we get ready to graduate from those long days of design school, it’s time to think about our portfolios.
What really matters is the quality of work shown and the different types of applications used.
The simpler and more functional you set it up from the start, the easier and more hassle-free it’ll remain for you. Thank goodness I discovered Peter Jason Riley, a certified public accountant who has spent his career fine-tuning the best tax strategies ever for artists. You have 3 choices for how your business is structured… …a LLC, a corporation, or self-employed. The IRS tax code has three basic criteria for what is a deductible business expense: 1) the expense must be directly connected with your trade or business, 2) it must be ordinary and necessary, and 3) it must not be lavish.
Even if you have an accountant or bookkeeper taking care of your taxes for you, don’t be lulled to sleep. There are elements to the tax law that might slip by these professionals, unless they specialize in dealing with artists.
It’s always a good idea for you to be fundamentally knowledgeable so you can at least ask the right questions.
I invite you to comment, below, and tell us all: do you have any tax tips that you have come across? All of this important information will help you keep your hands clean, so you can concentrate on making art.
Save the date for Brooklyn Art Council's annual benefit to be held on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at Giando on the Water. Group exhibition featuring artwork by 14 Brooklyn artists commemorating the 1st anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. While flipping through a book or magazine, you’ll most likely be sure to spot a bad layout.
Layout artists are the professionals that are responsible for creating the eye-pleasing layouts found in books, magazines, and dozens of other products.
Before starting a project, a layout artist will typically meet with his client or employer to discuss how a certain project should look. A layout artist will often start with designing the text for a publication or product first.
Before the popularity of computers, a layout artist typically used physical pieces of paper and images to create a layout. To begin a success career as a layout artist, most individuals should shoot for either a two or four year degree. In earning their degrees, most aspiring layout artists will take courses such as design, layout, typography, and illustration. There are also several opportunities for layout artists looking for more stable employment. Required EducationMost jobs in Layout Design require a bachelor's degree in either Graphic Design or Multimedia Design.
Some companies have their own computer animation software an animator or multimedia artist must learn to use upon hire. Multimedia artists and animators also work directly with clients, head animators, games designers, and directors. A strong portfolio can sometimes get an aspiring multimedia artist or animator a job in the industry even without a degree. However, companies outsourcing the work to overseas animators negatively impact employment growth.
I fell in love with the electronic part of music and how sequences can almost hypnotize people and bring them on a journey into soundscapes.
Even if it didn’t jump out towards some other releases on the imprint, it made me so proud to have my own label and get vinyl’s out and supported by many different artists!

Music wise I started with a complete hardware studio where I started to move over to complete software, and then eventually I’m going back to my roots.
I started, like I always do with remixes, getting all samples laid out in different samplers and then get to jam on portions of them. Founder and Principal of ML Designs, a freelance-based and outsourced graphic design company and also Founder and Director of Creative Core, a graphic design collaborative, Mike can now use his business and marketing acumen in solving design problems for his clients.
It sounds sort of obvious, but many times I’ve seen work in student portfolios that have either been sort of sub-par, but have also been outdated.
You can usually set a time in which to drop them off, and also arrange a time to pick them up.
Most artists fall into the “self-employed” category for tax purposes, which legally means you and your business are one and the same. These types of publications are essentially very hard to follow, and they’re also likely to be rather unpleasant looking.
The publication will be completely seamless, and it will flow perfectly, making it very easy to follow and easy of the eyes. Posters, brochures, advertisements, CD cases, and flyers are some of the other items that a layout artist might help design. The majority of layout artists typically specialize in designing the layout of specific items, like magazines or books. Ideally, the final product should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also easy to understand and follow as well. Depending on the purpose and intended feel of a publication, a layout designer may use several different types of images, including photographs, illustrations, graphs, and charts. This often involved arranging and rearranging block of printed text and images until they looked right.
When pursuing this type of career, graphic design or desktop publishing degrees are usually necessary. In doing this, a layout artist is able to pick and choose what types of projects he will work on, but the work may not always be steady. That was for me the start of a long journey in exploring new styles, which eventually led me towards techno; and since day one that felt like the thing that appealed me most. But the best one on the label until now must have been the Joey Beltram remix, followed by Egbert’s take on Steve Slight’s release. What felt important to me was to get the human feel back in the productions and that is something I was missing on the software approach.
Gradually I add some effects, and then get everything laid on different knobs so I can start a sketch of an arrangement using a single record take. He also likes to write about the interesting, unusual, and sometimes irritating happenings in the graphic design world. It will make your portfolio neat and tidy and will help the reviewer find what they’re looking for. Some layout artists may even specialize in product package design, creating attractive and sometimes informational packages for products. Text is the predominant aspect of many products that many layout designers work on, particularly books and magazines. In some cases, a layout artist will need to create or edit these images himself, but most of the time, these images are already provided.
Students interested in designing website layouts should consider taking courses in website design and website development as well. These computer courses typically aim to teach future layout artists how to use graphic design and layout software.
Additionally, it would also be a good idea to have your portfolio in a digital version as well. Today, however, to create the perfect layout, a layout artist will often use computer software and digital files. It doesn’t matter if you have tons of stuff to show your prospective employer or graduate school department. Many reviewers and potential employers want to see a PDF version of your work that you can simply email over to them.

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