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A steering wheel represents the captain of the ship; someone who is very responsible and can take up any challenging task.
The words carry great significance and meaning as it urges the person to be confident regarding their lives, make big and positive changes and stay fearless in what they do. It gives the tattoo a very fearless look and also speaks the guiding principle of this phrase which means to enjoy every moment of your life. It also represents the faith that one should have in God and that they should be happy in life with whatever they do.

I have one over my whole foot on my other foot, but that's black and gray, haven't had to touch up either of them yet.
Those who relate themselves with such ideas should take up the Steering Wheel it as this will give them a bold and valiant look. It is for those who really value their lives and want to do everything to make the most of it. Carpe Diem has also been used in the form of tattoos and has become a symbol of expression for many young people in the world today.

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