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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Sparrow Tattoos, Badass Tattoos, Leopard Tattoos and Zayn Malik Tattoos. The black and red design gives a vibrant look to this tiny tattoo showing the red ribbon symbolizing AIDS, and the numbers 7 and 5 locked inside circles. Check out the pretty little black star tattoo design peeping out from below the skirt in this subtle and fresh tattoo idea.
A teeny red and vibrant ladybird with black spots makes for a cute and colorful finger tattoo idea.
Take a look at this perfectly shaded blue and black little bird tattoo with its wings out stretched for flying. Inked in simple black lines this is a tiny religious tattoo on the ankle showing the Jesus fish.
Right near the ankle you can see a tiny ink design showing the famous Deathly Hallows symbol from the Harry Potter series.
Peace is a big concept but that does not mean the ink design showing it can’t be tiny. The back looks gorgeous and expressive with this tiny ink design showing a heart completely filled with black. You can see a simply inked tiny tattoo on the wrist showing the powerful religious symbol of a Christian cross.
What better way to show your love for yourself save with a teeny black word tattoo with the word Self’ and a black heart expressing deep love?
This is a beautiful and simple tiny tattoo showing a brown flower with five petals, considered an ancient symbol of luck.
The back of the neck is a really cute and unusual place to get inked with a teeny red heart tattoo.
The thick black lines touch a narrow base making an interesting triangle shape in bold black in this tiny tattoo design. Small is really beautiful as you see from this elegant and curvy red and black tiny tattoo inked on the inner wrist.
This beautiful tiger butterfly tiny tattoo in orange and black on the finger looks like it’s just about to fly away. This tiny tattoo inked right on the big toe is perfect in its depiction of a six petaled flower with a smaller flower inside. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Sister Tattoos, Shooting Star Tattoos, Rib Cage Tattoos, and Tribal Butterfly Tattoos.

The black ink bird on the shoulder is a cute tattoo that signifies someone’s free spirit. This black and grey rose is a symbolic representation of the flower of love, a perfect shade for people who are into rock music. If you’d like a funky image to jazz up your style, a dancing tattoo is the perfect symbol. Anklet tattoos always look good and a creeper plant makes for a great ankle design concept. All girls like butterflies and colorful butterfly tattoos double up as the ideal design for some people. If you are a strong believer in love, a couple birds on your feet can tell a sweet and romantic story. This Alice in Wonderland themed tattoo is perfect for people who are trying to look for their souls. This cute tattoo is the perfect way for a mother to show the love she has for her 3 children. TweetThe reason behind getting a dog paw tattoo can be as simple as the person likes the way paw prints look while others have a much more significant reason for this tattoo. This dog paw print tattoo is adorned with angel wings and a halo in memory of a beloved dog.
Four little paws placed above the hip bone as though a dog walked up this person’s body.
TweetChoosing to get a name tattoo is a big deal depending on whose name is being placed on the body. Cat tattoos are quite popular among people who are really fond of these furry little creatures. The cat tattoos presented here stand out in their design and color patterns, thus allowing the wearer to make a cool style statement.
Whether numbers are your deep interest area, or you love ladybirds, or a tiny butterfly is more your thing, you can get your favorite design inked in a tiny pattern on any part of your body. Check out this cute little spongy black nettle ball tattoo with two big eyes out to spook you. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Many celebrities and even professional people sport a variety of designs that suit their personality. Some people use a paw print to represent their four legged friend with or without the name of their beloved dog.

Most people choose to get their own name tattooed somewhere on their body, whether it be on the neck, shoulder, arm or leg. Sometimes people choose these tattoos as a remembrance for their favorite feline friend who has passed away; at other times it may actually be a symbol of the frisky nature of the wearer. A tiny design inked with artistic shades and holding a deep meaning can be equally impactful. Some do it as a style statement, some do it to seek attention while others do it just because they love the idea of tattoos.
Tiny Tattoos look really pretty when they are inked on the fingers, toes, and other small parts of the body. Tiny tattoo designs can be something religious and deeply powerful such as a Christian cross or the Jesus fish.
A single print can be placed on the shoulder or neck whereas a trail of paw prints can look nice around the ankle or “walking” up the side of the body. You also see tiny tattoos inked near the ankle showing a colorful bug, or a six petaled flower inked in black on the foot.
Below is a range of pretty tattoos that you might have seen on people in real life, sometime or the other. Alternatively you can choose to wear a tattoo that shows a minimalistic image of a cat’s face. A little kitty tattoo with detailed work that focuses on the intricacies of its fur is also a very popular form of cat tattoo. You can also get your favorite phrase or group of two or three words inked in a tiny design at the back of your neck. The bond between a person and his or her canine companion can be a strong one so it’s no surprise that dog paw tattoos are as popular as they are. Hearts always make a lot of meaning, so even in a tiny form a red heart design on your back can say a lot in a tiny format.
Sometimes people may also prefer having a cartoonish cat tattoo that shows the silhouette of the feline from a distance without any prominent eyes or facial features.
Welcome to the magically powerful world of tiny tattoo ideas, where big ideas can be expressed artistically in a tiny space on your skin, to be with you forever.

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