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Christopher Meloni is on True Blood now; some of you just cheered and some of you just shuddered, but all of you at least smiled at the Christopher Meloni part.
The multiple Academy Award winner lives a very reclusive lifestyle when he’s not on set, so we often forget he even exists until Oscar time. I’m not gonna lie folks, I only wrote an article about Shia Labeouf because I wanted to post a photo of his uber-rat-tail.
Anyhow, they’re all pretty out there, but they make him happy; so who are we to judge? Known in the past as a bit of a wild child, it’s no surprise that Rumer Willis has a new tattoo.
New York Daily News Celebrity ink Celebrity tattoos Check out which celebs are sporting some interesting ink.
Anyhow, our favorite singer, animal lover, model, actor, and peace-keeper of the streets (seriously, he breaks up street fights with hugs, look it up, he’s like a Care-Bear-Man) has a few tattoos which are of course quirky and interesting. Plenty of younger people no longer know him for his music and instead only know him as the guy married to Cameron Diaz with all the money.

However, his tattoos artist must see him pretty often, because he’s got two semi-done sleeves on his arms! The major acting star doesn’t seem like the type to have so much ink, but he must love sitting in the chair, because he’s got just as much as the next guy! The rapper, graffiti artist, and all around not-great guy has a new tattoo…on his head! One of them appears to be Tupac, while the others looks like a silhouette of some sort, a bear’s butt, a dinosaur in a jeep, and uhhhh…snakes? Well we all know it now, because the former teen icon was recently photographed at the beach showing off some serious ink. Adam posted this picture on his instagram account showing the new black and grey art work which is now permanent part of his body.
The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis recently visited a tattoo parlor in order to have herself inkedwith an image of a woman dancing with a celestial silhouette . Looking more like a white-out spill than body art, the tattoo is literally just a speck of white on her finger.

However, it’s his life, and the Bull and Venus De Milo (?) are very well done, so from a tattoo perspective, good job Chris.
The rapper saved her fiancé from making a permanent mistake when she saw he was getting a tattoo with the word "rebel" spelled incorrectly. We still don’t really get it, but good for her for doing what she wants with her body!
He would have "BORN REBLE" tatted across his back," she tweeted along with a hilarious snap of the original tattoo sketch on April 27, 2016.

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