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Do you think Beyonce has had a Breast Augmentation?  If so, will she be able to breast feed her baby?
Usually celebs opt for normal ear or belly button piercings, but the piercing preferences of some celebs is absolutely weird – read along to know top celebrities who came to limelight because of their unusual piercings. The famous singer from the Black eyed Peas sports an eyebrow ring that adorns naturally with the slew of her ear piercings.
She got her tongue pierced to play her character in the flick “Whip It”, and has kept it since.

First doesna€™t go without the other and I dona€™t talk about rap stars, athletes or a€¦ Ia€™m talking about women celebrities . Salzhauer, M.D, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 10 years experience helping his patients achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. To begin she has 5 piercings on the lobe, 3 on the cartilage, a nose piercings plus a belly button piercing. Some people say ita€™s sexy, some call it unnecessary,stupid but tattooing offers many women control over their own bodies.

Some have used the tattoo to challenge the limited roles of wife and mother and to explore other ways to define themselves.

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