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The Christians have several interpretations which will be blended here because they all apply to Christianity. Pagan Irish scholars however present an earlier meaning; one that may be more desirable depending on your spiritual beliefs. Digging a little deeper into the meaning of Celtic tattoos, one will eventually run into mention of the high Celtic god Tanaris. Perhaps you want to stay with a simple individual knot, or one that represents unity in your relationship, never ending, by using two knots intertwined.
The traditionally recognized Celtic Cross tattoo is, when broken down into its basic elements, a standard crucifix shape with a circular element linking the arms. Before the Christian era, Celtic cross tattoos were particularly common in the tribal cultures of Germany and the British Isles, appearing on coins and various other artefacts. Although many individuals who choose to get a cross tattoo picture do so in celebration of the power that the image of the cross seems to have held throughout the history of man many people simply enjoy this design for its inherent aesthetic beauty. The Celtic cross tattoo is an extremely popular example of a pre-Christian cross that offers individuals endless variations in styles and designs.
It is interesting to note that the tradition of using the cross as a religious and cultural symbol predates the Christian religion by many years. Precisely when the cross tattoo design began being used a cultural or religious icon remains lost to the ages, but the earliest example of such a symbol that we have discovered to date is the crosses that were inscribed in front of the caves of pagan cults during the earliest days of the stone age throughout Europe. Although Celtic cross tattoos are particularly popular amongst people who have Irish ancestry, these beautiful tattoo pictures are a common design that is requested by individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Today, the Celtic cross can be used as a representation of cultural heritage or religious identity.
One of the oldest Celtic tattoo design is the Sun, worshiped as being the giver of all life. Celtic tattoos connect to the history and culture of ancient Celtic people – the Celts, an ancient Indo-European people which is now represented mainly by the Irish, Gaels, Welsh, and Bretons. In terms of placement, a lot of people get their Celtic tattoos on the back, neck and arms.
Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs are usually interpreted as symbolic of the Christian faith but actually it depends on the beholder. The dominance of the Christian faith in Europe changed these meanings to one sole subject.
The culture of the Celtic people really is based in folklore, mythology, anthropology, and symbolic meaning.

They interpreted the Celtic cross from their perspective and that is what was recorded in written history.
Originally the pagan Irish symbol differed from the modern cross in that it was more like a “plus” sign with the circle.
Legend has it that the circle represents the sun and was incorporated onto the familiar cross shape by St.
One of the most striking uses of the cross design came in the form of a person who was riding a horse and holding a cross in one hand and a fern leaf in the other.
It is comprised of a standard cross with a complex sample of Celtic knotwork body art inside. Celtic cross tattoo is one of the most popular and highly demanding tattoos in Celtic designs. Because Christians popularized the cross as symbol of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, the cross figure is readily attributed to him.
We desire something that is very much an interpretation of the Celtic tradition and culture.
Now, the figure embodies the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ whom Christians believe as their Savior and Lord.
If you’re shopping for Celtic cross tattoos this may or may not make a difference to you for many people are simply mesmerized by the intricate interwoven knots that are the basis to the Celtic style; the cross is not an exception.
This symbol was around long before the Christians, but without all of the intricate Celtic knot designs. The cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the circle is representative of his birth, death and eventual return; sometimes interpreted as his resurrection as well. Celtic knot symbol feature infinite loops that represents a never ending cycle of death and rebirth.
These types of tattoo designs can be portrayed as Celtic cross alone or with other elements or symbols. However, to some Celtic Cross Tattoo means other things like heritage, war emblem, political persuasions, and many more. To be Celtic means a melting pot of different cultures and life of the Scandinavian, Welsh, Scottish, British, Irish and other tribes of Europe.
They believe that through the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross, the sin of the world was forgiven. For the purposes of this discussion on Celtic cross tattoos, the perspectives of the Christians, Celtic People, and Druids, will be examined.

In addition, the Christians altered the symbol by elongating the vertical axis on the bottom so it took on the appearance of the cross in which they were familiar. Be sure and research associations that use the pagan Celtic cross tattoos as they’re association symbol, you don’t want to revisit for a cover up job. Look at images and galleries for the types of Celtic cross tattoos now that you’ve gained some tools to analyze them. In this tattoo design, the Celtic cross combines the cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. The interdependence of people in these areas resulted into the cultural crossover of Norse Art and Celtic Cross Tattoo designs. The encircling of the middle part of the cross may represent the union of the physical and spiritual worlds.
The circle represents the undying and encompassing love of Jesus Christ where the believer response in unity of faith and commitment to God. During modern times, a pagan Irish revival brought back the use of Celtic cross tattoos to represent heritage.
Like the original Celtic symbol for the sun, mentioned above, the wheel that Tanaris holds, is also thought to be representative of the sun.
In addition, put some thought in to the intricate knot work that would fill the empty space. Thus, bearer of this figure via a Celtic Cross Tattoo must express the same theme in both heart and mind. Some modern associations have adopted the Celtic cross tattoos to symbolize their membership to that group. Though this symbol originated in pre-Christian era, it is the characteristic symbol of Celtic Christians. But if the truth be told, modern culture really doesn’t know why Tanaris is holding the wheel or sun.

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