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Anytime you can do a nice tattoo utilizing parts of nature, it is a feel good situation for the artist and the client.
The cherry blossom is a beautiful flower that grows on cherry trees and that is closely related to the rose (cherry fruit comes from another kind of tree). Cherry blossom tattoos are often inked in the style of vines that wrap around the body or as the entire tree with blooming flowers. The Samurai class, which is defined by those belonging to the upper tiers of the warrior class. Because of this symbolism, tattoos inspired by the cherry blossom have become popular designs that acknowledge womanly power. The most common cherry blossom tattoo style has bold colors, defined edges and is almost cartoonesque. Both men and women (a lot more women than men though) have incorporated cherry blossom flowers into their tattoo designs, but usually the design combinations are a bit different. Most cherry blossom tattoos include a branch, but complete cherry tree tattoos are popular as well. The only celebrity I can think of with a cherry blossom tattoo is Aubrey Fisher from LA Ink. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Tattoos of flowers are some of the most common types of tattoo for both men and women to get inked onto their body. When you're thinking about getting a tattoo you really want to find the best artist and make sure your new tattoo looks amazing! DisclaimerAll photographs and art on this website are the property of their respective owners. A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is sometimes called sakura after the Japanese.
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Sometimes with a cherry blossom tattoo you can almost rub your hand across it and feel the blossoms and the bark of the tree. Cherry blossoms, which are most commonly found in Western Asia and Eastern Europe, have become popular cultural and social symbols in China and Japan, across different forms of art, including tattoo art. The most common places to get a cherry blossom tattoo are the shoulders, lower back, arms, ankle, feet and legs. The tattoo gives comfort in times of hardship or grief, or reminds the wearer to appreciate the good things around him. This power is due to a woman's beauty, and ability to use this beauty as a way of maintaining dominance over a man. A cherry blossom tattoo may be perfect for a woman who wants to celebrate and declare her independence. Another style is a softer approach: delicate colors and tones, gentle bends, and realistic design can make the blossoms seem to have the translucent quality of a watercolor painting. Old school bird tattoos represented a variety of moods or stages of life, and can represent various stages of human emotion depending on the wing span of the tattoo and other factors incorporated into the bird such as the color and feathers. Many people choose words such as love, purity or passion to go along with cherry blossom designs. This is because in ancient Japan, nobles were invited to private parties thrown to view and appreciate the cherry tree once it had bloomed.
Cherry tree tattoos are often chosen to represent the Chinese interpretations of the tree, and are also said to work as a sort of good luck charm. If you wish to dedicate a tattoo art, which celebrates life, a cherry blossoms piece would be a perfect pick.
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Edible cherries generally come from cultivars of the related species Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus.
That’s what you want out of a cherry blossom tattoo that is done in a three dimensional format. The combination of flowers looks elegant against the sharp, significant black lettering of Japanese symbols.

These parties were highly exclusive and only the highest ranking members of society were invited to such events.
The Chinese believe that the blossoms of the cherry tree can bestow good luck onto a person, helping them to find happiness and love. If you are planning to ink cherry blossom on your body, you can choose from wide range of designs and ideas to best suit your style, motive and personality. If you own the Copyright to any of the images displayed and wish them to not appear on this website, please contact us and we will remove them ASAP. Additionally, the cherry blossom is the Chinese symbol of feminine principal it also symbolized love in the language of herbs. You want someone to walk up and have the need to reach out and touch the tattoo, just to see if it’s real or not.
Cherry Blossom tattoo may take form of designs, which are simply fashionista’s delight or such which hold deep philosophical meanings. Cherry blossom tattoos are highly popular among girls owing to their feminine style and floral pattern. You can combine several cherry blossom twigs with meaningful lettering or peace and love symbols.
The blooming of the cherry tree is the purest manifestation of beauty in Japanese culture, but then the blossom swiftly fades and is scattered by the wind.
This is the perfect death for a true warrior, who has lived with constant awareness and acceptance of the precariousness and transitory nature of existence. The cherry blossom tattoo is often placed on the shoulders, the legs or the nape of the neck. It can be placed as a single blossom though usually it’s arranged in groups or clusters. Though it may initially appear as a very feminine design, the cherry blossom tattoo can be worn by men equally as well as women.
The cherry blossom tattoo I want is just like this but has a little mountain and the moon in the background.

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