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Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos have previously been the source of controversy from some crotchety old folks in the media. Kap, possibly to cheer himself up after losing the Super Bowl and becoming the first 49ers quarterback ever to throw an interception in the big game, started the offseason by getting some fresh ink—a tribal design to cover his entire chest. At this rate, Kaepernick might become the first NFL quarterback with full tattoo sleeves on both arms. Media once again taking a license to spin spin spin and inject whatever exaggerations they think will help sell their story.
When we think of typical guy’s tattoos, it means bold statements, extreme fanaticism and intricate details.
From small soft themes to large rugged detailed designs, men love to sport unique tattoos on their body.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Navy Tattoos, Tribal Cross Tattoos, Coy Fish tattoos and Old School Tattoos. My First Tattoo On My Finger Sometimes, you just cannot define in words that what’s this abstract art trying to say. Coolest Tattoo Ever Love songs flowing in his veins will surely make you fall for his charm.
Little Lady On My Leg Little sexy silhouette in a black dress that remains in his fantasies. Dweeb Tattoo Pooch from the Rude Dog & The Dweebs for love of the popular childhood cartoon series. Mario Tattoo Cute Super Mario and Luigi on the sleeve is a cool video game inspired tattoo.
Cool Tattoo The umbrella girl tattoo must be inspired from the hot R&B sensation, Rihanna.

Trucker Girls Two little trucker girls displaying the slim silhouette on lower waist of the guy. Bsod Tattoo Extreme geek’s piece with most weird lettering one can imagine for a tattoo. Artistic Visualization Beautiful tattoo interpretation of an infant inside the mother’s womb. Kokopelli The humpbacked flute player, Kokopelli, who is considered as the deity of fertility. Cool Chest Tattoo Went through utter pain to get the Medusa, Skull Medusa with a shaded heart on chest. My Hanya Mask Cool colorful Hannya Mask tattoo to represent a jealous woman transformed into a demon.
Grim Reaper With Cool Scythe Grim Reaper tattoo sleeve with terrific detailing of purple chains, symbol of Crohn’s Disease awareness ribbon.
Folsom Street It’s cool, crude and amazing chest piece, which not many would have thought of.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Star Tattoos For Men, Upper Back Tattoos, Rib Cage Tattoos, and Japanese Sleeve Tattoos. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Kap’s face looks as if he either is in a lot of pain, is really tired from the whole process or realizes he just made a huge mistake.
And I can’t wait to watch all the uptight old farts with microphones and keyboards squirm. What kind of a person with his skills and obviously to be a QB in the NFL he should have some smarts, would allow his body to be desecrated like this?

I guess on the bright side, should you ever end up in bed with him and run out of things to do your can always “connect the dots” lol! Massive chest pieces, sleeves or a full body piece, tattoos show their determination to undergo nerve-racking pain to get their ultimate design.
But don’t think because of that Kaepernick is going to quell his enthusiasm for body art. I realize sports figures should NOT be idolized and an inspiration to young children but guess what they are! The cool factor of this intimidating art lures many potential enthusiasts to wear audacious and unusual designs.
Since they often fall short of words while expressing their real feeling, tattoos become a great way for men to show out their instincts. How many naive children will be following his beyond brain dead foot steps the second they can? A camera in the bathroom to record him taking a squirt and suggesting he might be regret having too much liquid?!! Some have scriptures, cartoon characters, their names or just a letter , symbols etc engraved on them. Men and women are rising the mercury not only with their good looks but also with these stunning indelible ink marks.

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