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Chinese tattoo designs have been extremely popular in Western culture the last decade, and show no signs of slowing down in popularity. The Ying Yang and Chinese phoenix are also artwork found in the Chinese culture that makes for great tattoos. Although tattoos have traditionally had a negative association throughout history in the Chinese culture, as the belief was the body is sacred and should not be altered. If you are seriously considering getting a tattoo, we suggest you take a look at a site such as Chopper Tattoo.
A majority of Americans with tattoos (83%) do not regret getting them, while 17% do feel regret. Chinese tattoos have become a raging phenomenon among tattoo enthusiasts of the western world.
Water Margin, one of the four classical novels of Chinese literature, does reference tattooing. The most famous tattoo in Chinese history comes from the legend of the Chinese general Yueh Fei.
In modern China Chinese tattoos have grown somewhat of a stigma as being affiliated with organized crime and the criminal underworld. Although tattooing does not have a strong tradition among mainstream Chinese, many Chinese minority groups have much stronger tattooing traditions. Tattooing among women of the Dulong group, who live along the Dulong River, dates back to the Ming Dynasty some 350 years ago. In ancient times Dai tattoos were given to young children of the ages of 5 or 6, however it grew to be more common to be given about the ages of 14 or 15, sort of a rite of passage into adulthood.
Like both the Du Long and the Dai, the art of tattooing among the Li is seen as a rite of passage into maturity and adulthood. Li tattoos differed greatly among the different Li tribes, and could be easily used to differentiate between a woman of one tribe and another.
During the 1930's a German ethnologist Hans Stubel studied the Li people, and wrote extensively of their tattooing practices.
The west's fascination with Chinese tattoos has little to do with the history of Chinese tattoos and Chinese tattooing traditions, however.
If you are planning on getting a Chinese tattoo, or even multiple Chinese tattoos, you should make sure that your tattoo is what you think it is. Chinese tattoos can be beautiful and powerful tattoos, but you should do thorough research before getting any Chinese tattoo put on your body.
Chinese tattoos offer beautiful characters with a sense of the exotic and often much deeper meaning than that which lies on the surface. Water Margin tells the stories of bandits of Mount Liang area of China during the early 12th century.
His mother grew angry with him, telling him that his duty was first and foremost to his country, despite all else.

Criminals convicted of a severe crime would be ordered to have a tattoo printed on their face and exiled into a faraway land. Strongest among these are the Dulong and Dai tribes, along with the Li people of Hainan Island.
During this time the Dulong were under attack from many of their neighbors, and the women would often be taken as slaves. Generally tattoos will be made in such a way as to accentuate and draw attention to their muscles. Most commonly tattooing among the Li people, like those of the Du Long, are practiced among the women.
It is not an outgrowth of any strong Chinese tattooing tradition but is rather a testament to just how perfectly Chinese characters mesh with the art of tattoos.
Too often there are stories of people getting Chinese tattoos that say something completely different from what they thought it would say.
Tattooing in China is known as Ci Shen (Or Wen Shen), a phrase that means literally “puncture your body.” Although the art continues to be known in China for a long time, it has typically been an infrequent practice.
I am submitting yet another dragon tutorial that will show you “how to draw a Chinese dragon tattoo“ step by step. This is going to be a bit complex for me to explain how to draw because it is so incredibly detailed. Next start sketching out the face of the Chinese dragon starting with the snout and jaw and then with the long full looking hair. You will now start sketching out the shape of the long body and then take your time sketching out the soft looking hair that goes down the middle of the Chinese dragons body.
Already on step four and what you will do here is begin sketching out the mustache and whiskers for your Chinese dragon head.
This is your last drawing step and what you will do now is first erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.
Once you are done, this is what your tattoo should look like when you are done with your sketch. Throughout Chinese history tattooing has been seen as a defamation of the body, something undesirable. During battle with northern enemies the Field Marshall under whom Yueh Fei served betrayed the South Song and went over to the enemy. To remind him of this fact she tattooed four characters on his back with her sewing needle.
This tradition has continued into modern times despite the fact that the Dulong are no longer under attack from neighboring tribes. Dai women are generally tattooed on the backs of their hands, their arms or have a small dot tattooed between their eyebrows.
Although there are no fixed traditional designs among the Dai people, most commonly the tattoos will be of a ferocious beast such as a dragon or a tiger.

Men have been known to have three blue circular rings tattooed on their wrists for medicinal purposes, but other than that the tattooing is among women. Among the Li only married women could have their hands tattooed, it was not appropriate for single women to wear them. During his day few still wore facial tattoos, tattooing was primarily of the arms and legs. Throughout Chinese history tattooing continues to be seen as defamation of the body, something undesirable. After careful consideration I eventually came up with the wonderful drawing that you are about to be subjected to. You will first draw a circle for the yin yang and then simply draw a long line for the slithering body of the Chinese dragon. Next Draw out the shapes of the flames that surround the yin yang and then add more detailing and definition to the face and head. Today hardly anyone in Hainan sports the traditional tattoos of the Li people save a few elderly women. I drew this Chinese dragon live with you all and it was originally supposed to be done for somebody that wanted to buy the design off me. Once that line is drawn you will then draw the small circle shape for the head and draw the facial guidelines in as well. Don't forget to sketch out the tail as you see it drawn here because a Chinese dragons tail is one of the most important aspect of their body art. This may take you some time to complete, but when you are done you will have an awesome sketched out drawing. As you can see I finished the artwork and now I will show you how to draw what I thought up from my imagination.
To me, the Chinese dragon tattoo that I drew two days ago is probably the "best" dragon I have ever drawn. The scales, body, limbs, everything is so clean and soft looking making it a true gem for any need. Anyways, if you were watching me the other day you already know that it took me a long while to finish the drawing I am about to submit. I did place it under the tattoo category and it is labeled for advanced artists, but anybody can give it a go.
I will leave you once again with this tutorial on “how to draw a Chinese dragon tattoo” step by step.

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