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Christianity is a popular religion among people worldwide; it is also a religion which believers like to flaunt. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Matching Tattoos For Couples, Scripture Tattoos, Praying Hands Tattoos, and Star Tattoos For Men. This arm filled tattoo is the perfect believer’s design to symbolize a love-hate relationship with life and the almighty.
Women like smaller sized, colorful tattoos and this impression of the Holy Spirit is ideal for a girl’s taste. Bikers love tattoos and there is nothing better than the Oil of the Spirit etched on a bulky biker’s forearm to give a religious yet manly look. Although the Odin’s eye may seem a little eerie at first, the religious meaning behind it stays the same in this colored eye tattoo. If you like color and can carry it off well then the Alpha Omega tattoo would be the best choice. As many youngsters believe in the concept of “Seize the day” this Christian symbol is the ideal illustration of the youth’s mindset.
Jesus is often considered the savior and in common parlance, if one would like to be close to the savior then a monogram would be just about fitting. If you’d like an exotic and authentic touch in your design, Hebrew Scriptures etched on your body makes for fine exotic body art. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The New York Times recently reported that around 32 percent of the population today has at least one tattoo. With the fish symbol being widely recognized as belonging to Christianity, it is little wonder that many Christians like to have this image tattooed on them.
Of course, given the fact that many employers and people in general shun any talk or questioning of others’ religious affiliations, people who decide to get fish tattoos may want to minimize the awkwardness that could come from this image.
Should Christians Get Tattoos?Debate continues over whether or not Christians should get tattoos. Simple is best, maybe you will have the same feeling after view these simple cross tattoo designs, God Bless You! The guy sports an elaborate artistic tattoo on his chest that always reminds him of his beloved. The guy is wise and knowledgeable and this owl tattoo on his chest is symbolic of these twin attributes. The symbols of death and mystery together create a badass scary tattoo on the chest of the guy. The lotus and cherry blossom flowers along with the devilish creature are a symbol of the wearer’s Japanese identity.
The guy wears his favorite lyrics on his chest along with a beautiful design for an eye-catching tattoo piece. The guy wears his pride, passion and patriotism for his country on his chest in the form of an elegant eagle tattoo.
Scythe wielding, the evil Grim Reaper looks intimidating as he sits on the chest of the guy. The guy is a die-hard patriot and the tattoo on his chest is a symbol of the pride and passion he harbors for his country.

Inspired from Kingdom Hearts, this heart locket tattoo is a source of motivation for the guy. Displaying roses and hourglass, this chest tattoo is a metaphor for the fact that beauty is temporary.
The tattoo artist has done a commendable job in this attractive chest tattoo that exhibits clean linework and an adorable concept.
The guy wears the name of his favorite band on his chest as he is very close to the philosophy followed by its members. Taken from Henry IV and carved in bold Old English font, this quote tattoo is a tribute to the great playwright.
Wear your name in the form of a graceful tattoo on the chest like this guy if you love yourself. This cool looking guy flaunts a large tattoo on his chest created with an eagle, roses and globe. The identical pair of colorful swallows is symbolic of the sailor’s long experience on the sea.
The sound waves and the heart ask us to give precedence to our heart while making decisions in life. Flying Heart is an exceptional chest tattoo for men which is a symbol of single and his heart is searching for his soul mate. From these Exceptional Chest Tattoos For Men the Quote Tattoo is looking nice and cool because of it simple rather than colorful like other tattoos. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
In this sense, several followers from youngsters to middle aged grownups like to tattoo symbols that denote the spirit of Christianity.
It’s no wonder then that the same has been turned into a tattoo with a spiritual touch to give it a double meaning. Here is a nice mix of Jewish-Christian culture in the form of artistic crosses crossed together. Not only does it focus on the religious importance, it also looks neat and tidy when etched. A celtic cross is a decent variation of the real cross giving the wearer a unique designer look. It was a rage in the 90’s and although common a design it is still a preffered choice due to its volatile appeal. A saying from the bible etched on the lower back thus helps you feel close to your God…all the time.
Ideas and designs for tattoos can be limitless; however, many people want to express their passions, lifestyles, and even religious beliefs through these artistic expressions. However, even this image itself can be tailored to meet the style and preferences of the tattoo customer. Along with having the image tattooed on their bodies, people may also outline the fish with passages from the Bible or meaningful quotes from pop culture or music.
One of the growing Christian tattoo ideas involves having this image applied with white ink.
As said above, the chest is the depository of emotions and hence, men love to wear symbolic tattoos that hold personal meaning for them.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

Artists design proverbs, verses, texts from the bible as well as symbols and figures that depict Christianity. In fact, a growing number of Christians are now sporting tattoos that depict a Christian image or theme. Others have angel wings inked on their backs or arms because of the common recurrence of angels in the Bible.
In fact, some men like to have the fish image tattooed on their finger, wrist, hand, or foot as a discreet reminder of their faith.
This idea lets people combine both the image and words to create a more powerful effect with their tattoo. The white ink is faint enough so that employers and others may not notice the tattoo right away.
Purely aesthetic chest tattoos are also a rage among the guys who have got a well-built body.
Furthermore, this theme also makes for good artwork on human skin and it doesn’t look gory like other tattoo designs. People who want to show their devotion to their church or faith may need a few good Christian tattoo ideas, however. Along with pictures or the name of Jesus, some Christians also have a cross tattooed to refer to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.
The different Christian churches all have their own images and themes that have relevance to them as well. The symbol is not bold and overwhelming; however, it still can be seen by others and understood that the person wearing that tattoo is indeed a Christian. However, the man wearing the tattoo will still be able to see it, particularly if it is inked with glow-in-the-dark white tattoo ink. The reason behind the popularity of chest tattoos for men lies in the macho appeal this body art form possesses. Because the resurrection is a central theme in Christianity, many people who want to show their religious faith do so by having a cross design inked somewhere noticeable so others will understand their faith.
For example, Roman Catholic who opt for tattoos may choose a chalice or host as a tattoo design in reference to the importance that Catholics place on the Eucharistic sacrament.
That is to say, the fish would be tattooed inside the main image, such as a skull, a mountain, book, or even a music cleft. This is why believers would ideally sport tattoos or jewellery depicting symbols of Christianity.
Likewise, people who belong to non-denominational churches may choose a fish symbol to depict their Christian faith. The result ideally would show an image that reflects the wearer’s interests, lifestyle, and devotion to the Christian faith.
Well, whatever the reason, chest tattoos give the men more reasons to stay fit and fine and that is why the number of chest tattoo aficionados is on the rise. The fish symbol also references Jesus because of the recurring “fisher of men” themes in the Bible, as well as the story of Jesus multiplying fish and bread to feed a hungry crowd.

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