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The cross tattoo designs presented here are some of the most widely used as they all speak deeply to the people carrying them. When I went to get the tattoo I put my wrist down on the table then I went to my happy place in my mind.
I thought he would put the tattoo in the natural spot where I didn’t have any wrist hair. The Bible says, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I recommend reading the entire chapter, but for this blog post let’s focus on the end of the chapter. By the time we get to the New Testament there was a conflict between the traditions that the Israelites had committed to living and this new group of Christians that weren’t Jewish. I feel the freedom to get a tattoo, but I will also have to give an account to God for my actions. Joan, I think that if we are seeking God and seeking His will then we do have the freedom to get stuff done to our bodies.
Tattoo’s do seem to bring out lots of different emotions and opinions in people, don’t they? People that judge others by tattoos are judging the outside and not the inside of that person. Daniel, well I’m only hanging out in downtown Newport News in a leather jacket if you come along with me and bring a bazooka. I have a few tattoos, my favorite being a set of footprints inspired by the poem Footprints in the Sand. I would never hire someone with a neck tattoo for a position where they had to meet face to face with clients. Once I get that neck tattoo (assuming it had to be visible above a collar, if I can hide it with dress shirt collar the number goes WAY WAY down) it becomes much more difficult for me to get and keep clients and I need to make decent money for a long time to get to 4M. I lost count of how many tattoos I have, as I’m pretty much sleeved out (and then some). One of my earlier pieces is bright red Hebrew text around my wrist that says Jeremiah 20:9. It is funny how tattoos bring out the strict theology deep christian thinking mind of God, yet when we see a movie on TV we want to watch but know it’s not a good movie for us to watch we have no issues not turning it.
The haircut looks fine, it caught me off guard at first last Sunday, but I figured you mentioned it on the blog. I agree with your logic about tattoos and pagans, God isn’t against tattoos per say, but they were certainly used against him. Rob the mill has changed their tatto rules in the past 20 yrs from when I was in but this comes straight from niece that tried to get in but was denied due to her tats.
One thing though is that almost a year after I got it (preparing to go home and visit my parents who are very conservative) – I started worrying about what they would think about it and questioning it.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Not only that, you are not required to be an ardent follower of any particular religion to sport one in your skin.
These tattoos depict the traditionally important Christian imagery as well as various scenes that are taken from the Bible.

You may also create an idea of your very own tattoo by drawing inspiration from these beautiful Christian artworks. As I looked at my tattoo later that night I realized that because he shaved my wrist the top of my cross is going to have an Afro if I don’t continually shave it. They were surrounded by pagan nations that had specific rituals that were clearly used to worship pagan gods. This new group was called Gentiles and they were eating meat that some Christian Jews were convicted to eat.
If we are doing to build our kingdom and make much of us then it’s not honoring to God. But I also want to make sure that I respect those who are Christians and have a different conviction.
I have lots of friends and aquaintances who like me and think I am a good person and christian.
Starting as Fisher of Men to walking in faith to Faith Hope and Love to the Cross to the Tomb scene and then to wrap the bottom is old Hebrew that is Im forgiven.
As far as a risk, I go to school with a girl who wants nothing to do with me and yet I love anyway. But, after reading your post, I was reminded of the purpose I had in mind when I originally got it. The main reason why cross tattoo designs are so popular is that they signify different meanings that appeal personally to people coming from diverse backgrounds and having different personalities. Some of the most notable Christian tattoo designs include the Last Supper, Virgin Mary, Jesus nailed in the Cross, depictions of angelic beings, Jesus’ followers, Biblical prophets like Enoch and Isaiah, the crucifix, the cross with barbed wire, quoted scriptures as well as Hebrew writings.
When I made this decision on Thursday I noticed that God had designed a spot on my wrist to not grow any hair. I either am going to have to forever tweez my wrist or find out how much laser hair removal is for 1 centimeter. The author of this verse says that at the end of the day we should live at peace with everyone. And for those who are Christians and feel like it’s wrong I will do everything in my power to respect their view and hide my cross in my wrist hair.
There are some churches that I wouldn’t mention my tattoo because they are convicted about them. Other than my 12 year old, I am pretty much the only one in my family that doesn’t have one.
If you are called to the mission field then you don’t want to do something that will cause someone to stumble or not accept the Gospel.
But for the most part the folks in my church really know who I am and my true love for GOD! On my Right arm is my Scottish Family crest with my two boys names and then a trinity knot with tribal wraping it all up. If you think about your past we all have something that we have learned from and that has made us stronger in the end. The verse they always refer to as you helped outline above has nothing to do with modern day body art.
I am seriously thinking about getting a mountain dew can tattooed on me, lol…how cool would that be.

I like the artwork of my tattoos bc I would not have gotten something permanent if I didn’t, however I relate them to a chapter in my life when I would not have cared if God approved of them or not. If you went back to the tattoo place, then I’d say to either fill in the cross (unless making people guess what it is is the plan) or to tattoo NLC on your shoulder.
Although the Cross is the most widely used symbol for Christianity, it may also be sported by people for various personal reasons such as the memory of a loved one. These tattoos may vary greatly in their style, design, size and color patterns, and can be sported on various parts of the body. They weren’t to worship the one true God in the same way that other nations worshiped pagan gods. If eating a certain food causes a fellow Christian to stumble then you shouldn’t eat that meat around them. But in the 17 years I’ve had them I have come to realize that more and more church people avoid me. If you tell me that you have given up on the Lakers and Chipotle then I will know that my suspicions about you are correct. Well there is your Ministry use GOD has given you the tools and a foot print to start from. Sometimes a cross tattoo can also be combined with rosary beads which gives it a very distinct look. In my freedom to get a tattoo I won’t abuse that freedom around those that are convicted by it. Could just be my misguided perception or my fear of being stigmatized by those I love and serve. I did ask that he not get any past what a tee shirt would cover and he has kept them within those guidelines. As time has passed and I have done some digging on my own and input from others, I think anything that we do to ourselves (that isnt to improve our health) is considdered altering what He has created. I stumbled across this blog by accident while perusing facebook and pinterest, and I am so glad that I did. There will be some places where I will wear a long sleeve shirt or a watch or I’ll just grow out my wrist hair and cover my tattoo altogether. And thats what people struggle to aggree on but everything happens for a reason and by His design and His plan. For example sometimes I will write two or three blogs at one time so I can put them up and not feel stressed by not having anything up. If we were meant to all be pink or green to not struggle and practice loving someone the way He did without seeing color, we would all be one shade. But the greatest feeling is seeing a sigh of relief on some one’s face when I speak in the tongue of love. If we were supposed to spend gobs money on improving our appearance instead of giving to the church or those in need, then by all means, we should all have our ears pierced and buy diamond earrings and plastic surgery and be high maintenance. When it gets to the point of appearance, only God knows your heart and intentions and the real reason people feel the need to alter His perfect creation.

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