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David Beckham, the star English footballer and the handsome hunk is a favorite of millions of people across the globe.
The first tattoo that David got for himself was the name of his son Brooklyn, when he became dad for the first time. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Side Tattoos, Panther Tattoos, Baby Tattoos and Indian Tattoos. A clapping David shows off his tattoos carved on his sleeves that range from clouds to angels. Look at the arms of David that sport numerous meaningful tattoos, carved in beautiful fashion. Both the arms of David have been inked with different types of tattoos that hold dear meaning for him. David with children flaunts his arm tattoo that has an angel which he got after allegations of his affair with Rebecca Loos. David got this tattoo on the back of neck in 2003 following his transfer to Real Madrid as a lucky talisman. Well, the face might be hidden from our view but the tattooed hands can make anyone recognize that he is none other than David. Angels are favorite of David and he has got different tattoos pertaining to the same on his arms.
David poses in style, showing off his tattooed arm that bears lettering, number and images. This sober and spiritual tattoo, sitting on his back, tells us about the religious nature of David. This six-inch Victoria’s tattoo, sitting on the left forearm of David is a symbol of his love and admiration for his wife. The tattoos of David capture his professional and personal life in a beautiful manner and also add to his charismatic charm. Take a look at the smiling Beckham who flaunts his cool body, exposing his arm tattoos as well, on the beach.
Harper, the name of David’s daughter sits fine on the left side of his chest and is a token of love by the dear dad.

This Chinese phrase, carved on the side of David, says “Death and life have determined appointments. The sculpted hands of Beckham look more appealing with the beautiful art forms, designed on them.
The angel and the quote look very graceful and were an expression of David’s personal crisis. Symbol of family, love and loyalty; the tattoos, etched on the hand of Beckham are his latest and look really pretty.
Though there are numerous tattoos on David’s sleeve but the angel on the top, catches most attention and also looks distinct and decent.
This tattoo of Jesus, looking like Beckham and being lifted by cherubs, is symbolic of David’s pride in being a lucky father of three sons and one daughter. The Sanskrit tattoo of his wife’s name looks nice and symbolizes the love and loyalty of David, the husband. This image shows a younger David when his arms bore few tattoos and the angel was the only image to sit on top.
The seven numbers on the inside of David’s right arm means a lot to him and symbolizes the number of the jersey he wears. David waves to the crowds from the field, giving fine exposure to his tattoos that are well-known among his fans. Whatever might be the pose of David, his tattoos always manage to attract attention and here they are visible completely. A sweet gesture from David as he gifts a yellow flower to a small girl, who must have been enamored by his tattoos.
Beckham’s son holding the tattooed hands of his father makes for a sweet portrait and underlines the family man image of the footballer.
Watch out this shirtless avatar of David that gives a slight peek into his right arm tattoo, that displays an angel.
This bare torso image of Beckham gives a cool view of all the tattoos of the footballer except his back. A cool David Beckham posing with a rope, that gives nice highlight to his angel tattoo, done on the right arm.

The angel tattoo and the quote on the arm of David were an expression of his grief at being linked with Rebecca Loos. The Victoria tattoo was a hot topic of discussion which also generated hell lot of interest among people and celebrities.
The rippling muscles of Beckham’s tattooed arms look fascinating as he takes a run on the field.
The guardian angel, cross with wings and the names of his sons are the tattoos that feature on the back of David Beckham. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
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Known as much for his skills on the field as for his killer looks, David is really a treat to watch. He is always in the news for one or the other thing related to him but most of them are regarding his style statements. His back, forearms and torso bear various samples of the art forms and all of them hold profound meaning for him. If you are curious to know about them, then take a look at the post that we have created here, showing 40 David Beckham tattoos. Since these tattoos are complex, therefore getting them done in single session is practically not possible.
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