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Searching for understanding of just exactly where we are in life both literally and figuratively is a theme that unites us as a human race, and a question that has been attempted by everyone from philosophers, theologians, to the bums that most of us are fortunate enough to have to step over on the street for thousands of years.
The compass is not only a vital tool for those needing to navigate the uncertain waters, but also it is the preferred necessity in any tool bag for those planning to brave any territory not previously mapped out and marked with directional signage. The compass may not be as popular as some of the other nautical-themed tattoos, but it has consistently remained an option due to its metaphorical significance along with its classic appeal. Classic compass design – This is the most popular style, and is particularly popular among those serving in the armed forces, where it is worn as a reminder of the importance of staying safe and smart in order to return home. Rose compass – This design is fairly straightforward, featuring a compass that has a rose sprouting from the area where the directional readout piece of the compass would be. Steam punk aesthetic – Steam punk is a relatively new ‘scene’, in which enthusiasts combine the stylistic sensibility pulled out of imagery that is said to originate from Jules Verne (who created sci-fi stories during industrialized Western civilization of the 19th century); this is essentially a blend of how those living in the British Victorian era thought about futuristic machinery, blended with the cultural aesthetic of punk rock.
Whether or not you love spending time on the water, the compass tattoo is a great addition to any tattoo collection and a great way to bring history and a classic touch to your ink! The compass is one of the most innovative and striking tattoo design that you will ever come across. Whether you are a man or a woman, the compass tattoos presented here will work wonders to enhance your personal look. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Polynesian Tribal Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos For Girls, Rib Tattoos For Guys and Back Tattoos For Girls. This tattoo serves as a reminder to the wearer and says that one must never lose direction in life. These two travel bloggers have got appropriate tattoos on their sleeves to symbolize their passion.
Amazing compass tattoo with cool phrases engraved in its round frame, looks very cool and also serves as an inspiration.
Sexy tattoo piece sits on the side of the lower back of the girl who is also symbolic of her adventurous nature.
Colorful compass tattoo with the blazing sun above it, topped by the letter N, looks very classic and symbolizes guidance. The bold and macho look of this compass tattoo is simply awesome and suits the wearer’s muscular body.
Carved in black and pink, this compass tattoo has a traditional look and also carries the initials of the wearer. This adventure loving guy has got an awesome compass tattoo created with fine shading that oozes a mysterious charm. This tattoo is dedicated to the children of the wearer and represents the fact that they are the reason for him staying focused.
This compass tattoo, carved with neat details, looks very refined and suits the navy guy to the hilt.

Graceful tattoo piece with blue and black shading looks very alluring and represents the fact that the wearer has overcome his fear of flying. Compass rose with a traditional compass and a ship in the background conveys the love of the wearer for sea life. The girl got this beautiful compass tattoo on her body because she needed direction in life. This back tattoo is a tribute to the wearer’s father because the latter used to draw the compass design on restaurant placemats. Colorful and artistic compass tattoo, carved on lower back, carries the names of the family members of the woman and is dedicated to them.
The woman flaunts her compass arm tattoo that is an expression of love for her husband who works in the navy. Lovely tattoo with a very inspiring wise line carved around the compass that makes one’s search for direction crystal clear. The woman dedicates this tattoo to her family members who are like guiding compass to her and the kanji symbols are for them.
Intricate details and fine shading adorn this compass tattoo that the wearer got on his body to express his admiration for sailors. Realistic looking compass tattoo, adorning the foot of the wearer, symbolizes search for direction and guidance.
Elegant compass design with excellent finish looks very tidy and has a simple but attractive display. This tattoo sends out the message that the world will find true direction in universal brotherhood.
Framed with a flowing and artistic design, this compass tattoo looks very aesthetic and adorable.
Red and black compass tattoo, carved on the wrist, acts as a moral guide for the wearer reminding him to follow the right direction in life. Small compass tattoo carved with black ink on the back looks cute and stands for protection. This compass tattoo that looks like a clock is a moral reminder to the wearer that one’s time must be utilized in right direction. This wearer is a teacher who has travelled to many places and got the compass to express his adventure seeking, traveler nature. This compass tattoo represents the journey of the wearer’s life that has ultimately led her to the right destination. This field biologist got a compass tattoo because he prides himself on his navigating abilities. Stunning compass tattoo carved with exquisite details looks very appealing and keeps the wearer on the right track.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.

The first documented people who sought this tattoo were Spanish sailors, and from there it has gained popularity across many different areas and cultures across the world. The compass is chosen as a necessity even above food supplies – one can always forage or hunt, but if you lose your way, you will quickly find yourself in danger. This adds the additional meaning of ‘good sense of direction in life’, or may just be chosen for the design aesthetic itself.
When it comes to the symbolic value of these tattoos, the compass tattoos carry similar meaning like the North Star tattoos. This design may also be combined with different images in the middle, such as a star or nautical star, a prismatic design, and might be combined with other images such as a map, clock or watch, flowers, ropes, an anchor, a mermaid, or other nautically associated items in a larger design.
They have been a major hit among sailors since earliest times, and even various cultures and societies of the world, such as the Celts and the Spaniards used to sport them as well. Some tattoos that are particularly associated with them include swallow tattoo, palm tree tattoo, anchor tattoo and compass tattoo. They were instruments that were essential to navigate the sea, and so compass tattoos have been frequently associated protection, security and good luck. They go for the said tattoo because the look of the compass is aesthetic and it also holds symbolic meanings such as guidance, direction, hope and adventure. The beautiful compass symbol allows for creative tattoo designs that can be sported on various spots of the body. Compass tattoos may be of various types, such as the nautical star, the prismatic star, the rose compass, etc. Here we have presented a collection of 34 compass tattoo pictures that will shed more light on the subject. The shoulder, upper arms, palms and foot are some of the most common spots to flaunt a compass tattoo. These tattoos can be sported in various ways, and other accessories like ribbons, flowers, maps, stars, the globe and anchor may accompany the design as well.
They used to wear the compass on their body parts as a lucky charm, with the belief that they will sail in the right direction and return home safely. This website offers some amazing compass tattoo ideas that can be customized to add other beautiful symbols for increasing their symbolic value. This site features some popular compass tattoo designs from which you can choose one that fits your style perfectly. This belief was based on the fact that the compass was a device that always pointed in the north direction and thus, helped the sailors.

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