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Collect your favorite tutorials and always keep track of progress with your CyberLink account. Your image editing doesna€™t stop here, you can add more punch by adjusting clarity and contrast.
The key to a great B&W photo is to have enough contrast (pure black and pure white) in your image. There is no right or wrong in image editing, you can go back and forth adjusting contrast and colors until it has reached your preferred style and taste. To preserve your film photos, you will require your old pictures, photo scanner, and photo editing software. You can choose from a variety of scanners, the most popular of them being flatbed scanner, film scanner, and wand scanner. A flatbed scanner is the most common scanner used that captures the image of the photo just like a digital camera. A film scanner is used to scan the negatives that you get along with your processed film photos. Therea€™s a reason so many people enjoy summer - kids are at home and ita€™s finally time for some much needed rest and relaxation. Whether ita€™s a dresser or just a memory box, try adhering photos to the surface to be reminded of the places youa€™ve traveled and the people you love. In this lesson we'll learn better techniques for converting color photos to black and white. In this Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial, we'll learn a number of professional image editing techniques.
PhotoDirector is a non-destructive editing software, so you can be brave to experiment while the original image is left untouched. A scanner is a kind of photo copy machine that creates a duplicate of a document, sends the information to your computer and saves it in JPEG format.

Considered to be better than flatbed scanners, film scanner produce better quality images since they use negative films, while flatbed scanners use actual photos. The user has to move the scanner over the photo allowing it to capture the picture and send it to the computer. Press the button on the scanner and you will be flashed with options on your computer screen. As per your requirement, open up the scanner options window and adjust the quality settings, such as high resolution, dust removal, and color restoration.
Some scanners give you the option of choosing the image file type when you save the image, such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc. Perhaps you spent time during the spring converting photos to digital for different holidays and events. Dona€™t waste your ink printing out your digital pictures when the originals can be placed in frames. Once youa€™ve finished converting photos to digital images, place the original in a shape of your choice on the wall.
Now that you have digital copies of all the photos, cutting up the original images isn't really an issue! Instead of being a course you watch from start to finish, wea€™ve designed this tutorial to be a series of individual tips and tricks. Usually, color of the sky appears to be brighter after converting to black and white, so you can slide the lightness of the a€?Bluea€? Color down.
Your mother cana€™t stop raving over her new collection of digital photographs she received for Mother's Day but what are you supposed to do with all the originals? It also allows you to cut out the bad aspects of a picture and highlight the best portions.
That way you can watch what you need to know and get on with your project as quickly as possible.

In this image, both green and yellow sliders are adjusted to enhance the contrast of the tree.
With the advent of technology, digital cameras have completely erased the need for storing images virtually.
This is a great excuse to scour thrift shops for a piece thata€™s just begging for a makeover. Some of the things youa€™ll learn in this course include the benefits and technical details of camera raw and aperture, how your shutter speed affects photos, getting to understand ISO speeds, working non-destructively in Photoshop and many more tips.
By the end of this Photoshop and Lightroom training, youa€™ll have a solid understanding of some key techniques youa€™ll need to know whenever youa€™re working on professional photography projects. Your pictures are safely locked in your laptop or pen drive till the time you want to store them. Hardly anyone today uses old cameras to avoid the entire fuss of getting the reel first, clicking pictures and then getting the negatives converted into photographs. But, what to do about the old photos that we have preserved since the time when we were born?
Converting these photos into digital images is one of the best ways to save your memories and relive them whenever you want.
To know how to convert your old film photos into digital images, steer through the lines below.

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