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Monday was World Sea Turtle Day, which means it’s the perfect time to show one of our favorite dopey sea creatures some much-deserved turtley love. The oldest known sea turtle fossils date back about 150 million years, making them some of the oldest creatures on Earth. You can free download or save sea turtle cool picture Sea HD Wallpaper as your computer & pc desktop background.
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Their gender depends on how hot or cold their environment was while they were in their eggs. He said that he and his friends were ready for a group photo when suddenly this sea turtle popped up from nowhere.
Experiences like this are very rare since  sea turtle are classified as endangeredSea turtles can be found in warm waters. It is hard to find a population of sea turtles today because some sea turtles do not return where they hatched their eggs.

Female sea turtles come to the shore just to dig out a nest in the ground and bury their eggs and return to ocean.Sea turtles are also called marine turtles.

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