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If you belong to a tribe, if you live in jungle or if you only want to scare people then it is really good to get a face tattoo. Also, the prices for these tattoos which are made on your face vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands. Your reply will be added to the comment above (Below any other replies to this comment).Click here to cancel reply. Why not get a tattoo on you leg, on your hand, on your body where it is somewhere not very visible and get a tattoo right on your face? I have read once that high unemployment provokes the increasing on people with face tattoos.
Maybe later in time you will want to remove it and it will be really hard because even after removal the tattoos are still visible.

Anyway, if you still want to have these designs on your face just be sure that you pick the right tattoo artist.
Many face tattoos on these pictures are very complex and they can consider really good artwork and make sure you do not use alcohol or aspirin based medication.
It is normal for this to happen because these people think that, once they do not have any job , they will not leave their houses , stay inside their houses and nobody will see them. I know that there are certain cultures like the Maori on which have promoted this kind of tattoo, but hey.. But if the man which wants to get a tattoo on his face is a soldier and wants to have a better camouflage. When people will see you, they will see first these tattoos on your face and they really need to look good.

Another idea is that many of these people who have tattoos on their faces will act in some horror movies and they will be devils, vampires or other horrible creatures. The tattooing process can be really painful and I cannot imagine how awful is to have a face tattoo.
I know that Mike Tyson has a tribal face tattoo, but that is still a small one compared to what you will see in the below pictures. You will see in the below pictures that many of these face tattoos are extremely scary and I cannot wonder myself how a man with such a crazy tattoo on his face could ever kiss a woman.

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