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UML stands for Unified Modeling Language which is used in object oriented software engineering. You can draw UML diagrams online using our software, or check out some UML diagram examples at our diagramming community.
Types of UML diagrams with structure diagrams coming first and behavioral diagrams starting from position 8. In most modeling tools, a class has three parts, name at the top, attributes in the middle and operations or methods at the bottom. A component diagram displays the structural relationship of components of a software system. Object Diagrams, sometimes referred to as Instance diagrams are very similar to class diagrams. As the name suggests, a package diagram shows the dependencies between different packages in a system.
As the most known diagram type of the behavioral UML diagrams, Use case diagrams give a graphic overview of the actors involved in a system, different functions needed by those actors and how these different functions are interacted. It’s a great starting point for any project discussion, because you can easily identify the main actors involved and the main processes of the system. State machine diagrams are similar to activity diagrams, although notations and usage change a bit. Sequence diagrams in UML show how objects interact with each other and the order those interactions occur. By using 1 case study if you make these 14 diagrams then it will very helpful now it is although good but if you do like i say you then it much be better …! I have a question, is it possible in any way that we can develop logic using UML for example we can develop a logic using MATLAB. In the previous blog entry, you may have learned about various options available for your wedding music and how to burn that music to your CD. While you can open and work with these templates in any given program, I chose the PDF file to open in PhotoShop.
If you feel you are not artsy in any way, you can enlist a friend to help you design your CD.
Wedding Clipart: This site includes small images, most of them consisting of line drawings.
Another resource, which is not free but just costs the price of a cup of coffee, is iStockphoto. Paying a small price for an image that can be replicated might be up your alley, especially if you want a professional look.
I chose the wedding rings to work with, and the download the small size at 693×693 pixels. This is a simple, easy-to-create and (almost) free option to creating a label for your wedding music CD. Your family, friends and guests will cherish this gift from you, a gift filled with love and romantic music. Just simply copy the image, save it to a file, and use your graphics program to make the Smurf you want! Brand identity is one of the cornerstones of good business, which is why a great logo is essential. Whatever medium you’re designing for, from letterheads to banners, Logo Design Studio has hundreds of industry-based templates to inspire you. For those without the design expertise to create their own logo from scratch, Logo Design Studio is a great, easy-to-use alternative, with bags of creative potential. One note though, the demo version of this software might contain all of the functionality of the paid offering, but it’s also been packaged with lower quality images to keep the size of the download down.
Excel dashboards and executive reports are powerful, fairly easy to design and a great way to improve your Excel and data visualization skills.
Yes, Excel is a very flexible tool, but to create an Excel dashboard you can’t just paste some data and add a few charts, can you? Once you have that connection established, every time the data changes at the source it also changes in the spreadsheet, after refreshing. The example below shows the growth of Walmart (this is a bonus file available in the members area).
Named ranges not only help you making your formulas cleaner and easier to read, but they also play a key role in data management for Excel dashboards.
OK, you are not a programmer (I am not) but you should consider using some macros to speed up some repetitive tasks. Often all you need to do is to record a macro, add a FOR NEXT or a FOR EACH loop, make simple changes to make sure the macro points to the right cell. This means that you should remove everything that has no added value (3D effects, backgrounds, etc), create a hierarchy of focus and context data (make relevant data stand out, using color carefully) and add at least a basic form of interaction (let users select the series, for example). The reference in dashboard design if of course Stephen Few’s book, Information Dashboard Design. While you should have a clearly defined framework (allow interaction, connect to external data sources, focused design, effective chart formats) the way you implement is pretty much up to you.
The Lookup version uses a spreadsheet database (basically a table that you paste into a sheet) and lookup functions (VLOOKUP, MATCH, OFFSET) to get the data for the dashboard report. The context will help you to decide the best way to skin your cat, but feel free to test multiple paths. This is why an Excel dashboard is a great business tool and also a great learning project that goes beyond Excel and helps you to improve your lifelong skills. My Excel dashboard tutorials will guide you from a blank sheet to a fully functional dashboard and you’ll be able to apply the techniques to your own projects in no time. You may have seen the Walmart stores dataset around the web, but things become really interesting (from a business point of view) when when you connect this dataset to population data: how much American population is covered by a store in 10-mile radius?
No matter what we say, people will keep using Xcelsius and similar tools for eye-catching hum… things, create 2D pie charts in Excel and put flying clip art in their presentations.
The only strategy that could really work regarding visualization is to show the options, explain the differences, make people understand the trade-offs and let them decide. Since everyone uses Excel, it makes sense to use something like my dashboard as a benchmark and try to replicate it with other tools. I think I;ve alreadt spent 40% of my professional life redefining ranges for charts and dashboards in Excel. Yes, it can be a problem, but if the structure doesn’t change much you can manage updates with dynamic ranges.
The product is still in beta so they don’t charge for it yet, but I contacted their support and they said the generally, a single authoring license goes for about 100 US Dollars a year. I downloaded and started to use it just last week and published a highly informative dashboard in hours, complete with spark lines and bullet charts.
Glenn, you just have to leave your email on the right side bar and they will be sent to you. I also want to create a basic customer service data base as well, to retrieve thier data I have entered into excell. I am trying to expand my understanding of excel and building up my repetoire so to speak and I realize that pivot tables and VBA are key.
The challenge is not so much in the Excel techniques (well, only a little ;-)), but it is more in the creativity and empathy of the dashboard designer.
I frequently use live data from databases via odbc and tuned via MS query to deliver targeted and summarised business information for live reporting. Just finished the dashboard tutorial and cant wait to get into creating my own for our data. Listed below are some professionally designed SWOT analysis templates which you can download or print for free. This customized SWOT analysis of NIKE summarizes its strengths and weaknesses as well as its opportunities and threats,.

When you usually make a big decision, like changing your career path from being a software engineer to a marketer, you always think it through by weighing the pros and cons.
First up we have a very simple blank printable swot analysis template, perfect for professionals who are already familiar with SWOT diagrams. SWOT analysis templates are one of the easiest ways to do a SWOT analysis of your project, business or the company.
Glad to help out Daniel, Templates sure make life easy and we continue to add more templates.
I read your tutorial the first time it is the great article I have never read this type article it is giving me an excellent knowledge of themes create, This section will share my friend, and I know very well there also liked your tutorial, Than you so much for sharing with an online community. Notify me of replies to my commentThis blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 9 approved comments. Although typically used in software engineering it is a rich language that can be used to model an application structures, behavior and even business processes. All 14 UML diagram types are listed below with examples and a brief introduction to them explaining how they are used when modeling applications. In large systems with many related classes, classes are grouped together to create class diagrams.
Follow the link below for more class diagram examples or get started instantly with our class diagram templates. Deployment diagrams are useful when your software solution is deployed across multiple machines with each having a unique configuration.
Like class diagrams, they also show the relationship between objects but they use real world examples. Check out this wiki article to learn more about the dependencies and elements found in package diagrams. They can be used to describe business workflow or the operational workflow of any component in a system. While activity diagrams show a sequence of processes, Interaction overview diagrams show a sequence of interaction diagrams. The links given in each section explain the diagrams in more detail and cover the usage, symbols etc.
I handle marketing stuff here at Creately including writing blog posts and handling social media accounts. Template can be used in graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, and several others.
You can read our review of the Sure Thing Office Labeler and learn how to download a free 30 day demo by clicking here. Open Office templates work with Open Office Writer v1.1 on Linux and other operating systems including Windows. Open Office templates work with Open Office Writer v2.0 on Linux and other operating systems including Windows. But, it always helps to pave the way for the progress of your CD so your friend (or you) is not overwhelmed with choices and decisions.
You are not selling it, as that would violate copyright laws for most music as well as for most artwork. If your colors are purple and yellow, then look for designs that contain purple and yellow. The issue with the free image sites is that their images are small, and when you enlarge them to fit on the CD label, those images may need some work to make them look good again. After loading it into the PDF template, I add a few lines to show that the music on this CD is the music for Kay and Brian’s reception. For those who don’t want to cough up big money for a design firm, Logo Design Studio provides all of the easy-to-use tools that you’ll need to make your own unique logo.
The simply laid out workspace provides you with thousands of graphic objects and artwork, creative textures, slogans and special effects to help you make a striking and unique logo for your brand – be it a business, sports team or even just an event. With thousands of examples and assets to work with, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that catches your eye. Our advice is to give the demo a try, and if you’re getting results that you’re happy with, upgrade to the full software for a high-quality end result. Because of its flexibility, you can virtually design any dashboard in Excel exactly the way you, or the users, imagined.
You must maintain and update it and, if you want to decrease the cost associated with those tasks, you must impose some structure to your data. Keep in mind that a good practice is to minimize the amount of data you bring into your spreadsheet. As a rule of thumb, I would say that a pivot table tends to create larger files but the calculations will be faster.
If you use a flat file, there is a vast array of formulas you can use, like database formulas (DSUM, DGET), lookup (VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX) or math formulas (SUM, SUMIF, SUMPRODUCT). Also, some cool things that you can add to your dashboards can only be done using macros, like greeting the users and selecting the right profile when they open the dashboard (you may want to read the discussion around the use of VBA in Excel dashboards).
Excel 2003 chart defaults are ugly and you should avoid them like the plague (and make sure you select the acceptable formats). Personally I don’t feel very comfortable with spreadsheet databases (more maintenance, more error prune, slower) but it is a good starting point to learn advanced Excel techniques (and sometimes is it your only option). In general, a large number of formulas will degrade performance, while VBA improves it (but may be off-limits for you). You have to use a wide range of skills, and that can only improve your position in the workplace. Jorge is showing how to design an information-dense but practical and usable one-screen data display.
By explaining and discussing each step you end up either proving yourself wrong (if you don’t like Xcelsius) or undermining it from inside because you expose its weaknesses in several standard tasks.
If you mean exporting the data from the Demographic Dashboard to a new spreadsheet, you can just copy one of the pivot tables to the new workbook and use it the way you want.
Please note that there are more than 200,000 records in that query, so they will not fit into the 65 thousand rows you have available in Excel (try the crosstab query with years in columns). Another option is to make sure that range width or height doesn’t change (for example, by showing only the last 24 months). I’m a very basic developer, with goo HTML experience but little experience in actual coding technologies. I am a data analyst at e-commerce company and am looking to streamline and and automate reports for executives. I wanted to show how to synchronize several pivot tables using simple VBA, but the other versions show that you can get similar results without code. I try to create very specific information products that answer very specific business needs, leaving everything else outside. I also use pivot tables, and have found the GETPIVOTDATA function provides dynamic data, provided you are prepared to link the parameters to cells outside the table, and of course, show items with no data.
The three demographic dashboards exemplify how to get the data (connecting to an external data source or creating a spreadsheet table), how to go from there to the chart data sources and how to create the interactive user interface. I usually solve that problem by selecting the field and turn on the “Show items with no data” option. If you prefer to modify them online then you can easily do this using our SWOT analysis tools. As the most popular search engine in the world, there are opportunities in the market and a competition to deal with while maintaining the business.
Any brand, universally popular or still new to the market, can use this SWOT analysis template to analyze the external and internal factors that may affect its brand authority and growth in the market.
With over 1 billion users, Facebook has become one of the most popular social media networks in the world.
With the rapid increase in the industry of eCommerce and cloud computing, amazon has come to face major competition from thousand other companies.

As a globally popular chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, it has a brand name to maintain over 119 countries. A SWOT analysis like the one below will help you arrive at a well thought-through decision by helping you see all the pros (strengths and opportunities) and cons (weaknesses and threats) of your big career change decision. There are many more colorful SWOT analysis templates available at Creately which are perfect for any project. You can download it as a PDF file ( for high resolution prints ) or modify it online using our tools. I can definitely use some of these to assist when helping some of my soldiers analyze their market. It shows the classes in a system, attributes and operations of each class and the relationship between each class.
These are very useful to describe the behavior of objects that act differently according to the state they are in at the moment. In simple terms, they can be called a collection of interaction diagrams and the order they happen.
If it’s only one object, the diagram is straight forward, but if there are more than one object involved, they can be used to show interactions of objects during that time frame as well. UML offers many diagram types, and sometimes two diagrams can explain the same thing using different notations.
Gimp is a free download art and graphics program that allows users almost as much freedom as Photoshop. In other words, you need to pick out the artwork you want to use, and you need to decide on the colors to use as well. That said, some designs lend themselves to alteration, and you or your friend can alter colors in the art program to reflect the colors in your wedding. Choose among hundreds of photographs, artwork and graphics for that CD label and download it to your hard drive. While it would benefit you to download the largest image, the prices may become prohibitive to you. Within minutes you’ll have a professional-standard logo made to your exact standards and specifications. With a comprehensive set of editing tools you’ll be able to tweak and alter your logo as much as you want. And, best of all, you may want to implement it yourself or consider it a prototype and ask IT to implement it. The flat file will be smaller but, if you need complex formulas to select the data, performance will suffer (you must test this in your own project). If you don’t use named ranges you’ll have to change every single formula and add that extra column manually. All my dashboards have controls to change markets, change products, change sales territories, whatever.
Xcelsius is good for dashboards and cockpits and other glitzy texture-rich but information-neutral decorations. I get leads that come from our distributor site, who are interested in buyng one of our distributorships.
You can use the demographic dashboard to see how these techniques can be used to work together.
After you get your data into Excel you can use the usual Excel formulas to create your dashboard. A SWOT analysis like the one below can be used when it comes to evaluating their current position among their competitors. Under such a circumstance, A SWOT analysis like this is very useful for amazon, as well as any other company,  to come up with new strategies to stay ahead of competition and fend off obstacles on their path. When it comes to maintaining popularity among such a large number of customers, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is extremely useful.
If you created it online you can access your diagram from anywhere and you always have a record of it. Different color patterns, headings etc available in these template makes it very easy to come up with very professional SWOT diagrams in minutes. These templates would make great additions for presenting information in power points for potential shareholders. Although threats and opportunities are thought to be only external they can also be internal. Because there is data available in the objects, they are often used to explain complex relationships between objects.
When you scroll down that label page, you’ll learn that you have various options in the download for the free template. You can use other stock photography sites as well, but I’ve learned that iStock carries a wide variety and the prices are minimal compared to other stock photo sites. The size of the CD label is a little under 5″, so choose an image that is about the same size.
New to Excel 2010, you can synchronize  pivot tables that share the same data source with slicers, And I used them in this file. Throughout this blog you’ll find many charting tips, and tips to improve your Excel dashboard, so I will not elaborate much on this. For example, I usually run a macro to detect the user id and filter the data for that specific profile. Because most business information is highly structured, I can usually provide a screen full of charts from just one pivot table, then using a selection box or boxes on the dashboard to return the selected data via the GETPIVOTDATA function.
It is also useful when it comes to coming up with new strategies to increase their brand authority in the market. An analysis like this will help them figure out the factors they should improve upon and get rid of to keep their customers satisfied.
Especially so in internal company interviews where have a good idea who you’re going up against.
Simple, strong images that help the type stand out also helps the legibility of that type, making it easy to read. Excel tables are also great, because they greatly reduce calculation time if you have lots of formulas. Some managers prefer a static dashboard (perhaps just a sheet of paper, or a PDF file), but even then you should implement interaction, because it will be easier to create those static reports (you can automate them). The basic premise is this: a chart is used to discover actionable patterns in the data, and you should do your best to show those patterns.
This works on your tables, since changing a country doesn’t change which columns show in the pivot tables. This will give me how many business are in there are and the population as well as Business growth. This is an ongoing effort to educate our users about the thousands of diagram templates available in the Creately diagramming community. In the first case, I usually use spreadsheet tables, and in the second case I connect a pivot table to the Oracle database.
I use a macro to change the company name in the page field in the pivot table, and then pull the data from the pivot. The problem is that if we don’t have data on a company for a particular metric, than that column in the pivot table disappears, and the named range is now pulling a different metric. Is there anyway to reference a column of data so that no matter what column it ends up in, excel will still grab the right data? The only workaround I’ve thought of for this is to make one sheet for each column of data.

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