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Tutorials---Flash Slide Show Maker is a Flash album creator to make animated photo slide shows with SWF file as the output format.
Flash Slide Show Maker is a Flash album creator to make animated photo slide shows with SWF file as the output format.
The following document provides you a brief introduction to the software and how to create a SWF slideshow from your photo collection. Creating projects in Flash Slideshow maker involves a three step workflow where you can organize and make your photo slideshow, set flash options and publish the flash slideshow.
If you use the Flash Slideshow for the first time or you want to create a new project, you may click “Create New Album” button to enter the first step: organize and make slideshows, or you can click the “Open an Existing Project” to continue the creation based on your previous flash slideshow. Select the photo you want to delete, and click the “delete”, and then the selected photo will be removed from your slideshow. Select a slide, and then click the “View Photo” button, you can view the slide in large size. Double click the thumbnail of the slide or click the “View Photo” button, and then you can view the slide in large size.
After you finish the organization of your slideshow, you can click button at the bottom of the window and enter the next step: Set Flash Options. Flash Options: to set the relating parameters of the flash, including Album Title, Width, Height, Frame Rate, background color of the flash and the transition duration. You can select your favorite music and then click “open” button, and it will be added to your flash slideshow and the file path will be displayed in the blank. In this window, you can select the path to save the files, including flash file and html file, and enter the file names. Notes: During these three steps, you can go back to the previous step by clicking the button and make any changes as you like. Photo Slideshow Director HD is a slideshow maker which enables you to turn your photos into a dynamic and fantastic photo slideshow with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects and more effects. First, you need to use Photo Slideshow Director HD to create a YouTube video with pictures. Also you can use its Photo Editor to fix and optimize your pictures, customize pan&zoom effects for every picture, choose a theme and customize it(such as a wedding theme for a wedding slideshow video), add text and subtitles on photos, and etc.
With all its powerful slideshow video feature, you can surely make a wonderful YouTube videos with your photos. After adding all kinds of slideshow video effects, you can upload the slideshow to Facebook for sharing with friends.
Finally, touch ?Publish?, the app begins to encode the video and upload the video to YouTube.
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Weddings are wonderful gatherings of friends and family of the bride and groom to toast to the happy union of the two lovebirds. While there are many fancy schmancy photography studios out there who could conjure up these slideshows for your wedding, you can be sure that they use the same formula for all of their clients. But if you want to inject your personal style into possibly one of the biggest events of your life, maybe you should take this into your own hands.
There are loads of transitions, animations and effects to choose from, and you can also add background music from their selection or upload from your own collection. Smilebox is a simple application for your Mac and PC, and being a computer app, importing photo collections from your hard drive is easier and faster. Wedding Slideshow Studio is a software for your PC and it has options to save your slideshows in FLV, HD video and many other output formats for your convenience without having to convert your end result. Animoto is a simple yet impressive web app that allows you to create a movie slideshow from your photos and video collection using preset templates. DVD Slideshow GUI is a software for your Windows PC and it allows you to include videos and Power Point in your slideshow project.
Foto2Avi is a freeware that converts your photo and video collections to AVI and other video formats. Photo SlideShow Maker is another alternative to create your own slideshow and it allows you to save a slideshow in a stand-alone executable format (.exe).
Flash Slideshow Maker is a professional software which can create Flash SWF slide shows with your photos in minutes. It can convert your digital photos to professional slideshow galleries with kinds of templates.
It can help make dynamic Flash banners, Flash intros and put them on your web sites easily.
With it, you can build wonderful XML photo slideshows and tell your stories with background audio.
It can turn your photos into web albums for playing on Facebook, WordPress, Blogger or your web site. Flash Slideshow Maker enables you to import photos by dragging photos and dropping them to the app.
This entry was posted in Flash Slideshow Maker and tagged create flash banner, flash slideshow maker, photo galary, swf flash creator on December 19, 2012 by Sarah Jablich. Because Picasa  does not have iOS version now, many people are wondering how to view photos in Picasa web albums on iPad.
It transforms your digital photo collection to Macromedia Flash file format (SWF ) which you can share your memorable moments with your family or friends on your own homepage or website. If you want to select only one photo in a folder, please click the thumbnail of the picture, after it selected, click “open”, and then it will appear in the slide panel. Actually, the photo is just removed from the slideshow and the original image file is not removed. Then at the bottom of the slide, you can customize the transition effect of the individual slide by selecting a type of effect provided by the software.

After you finishing the setting, please click the “Publish Now” button and your slideshow will be published to and saved in the appointed address.
Make use of your photos in iPad and Web Albums, create a photo slideshow video with the app, then publish the slideshow video to Facebook and YouTube for sharing with friends.
With it , you can easily turn your photos into a stunning slideshow video with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects, text and subtitles and more effects. Import your pictures from iPad Photo Library and web albums(including Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and SkyDrive), add video background music, sync slideshow time to music time, then you can output a video. Then enter your YouTube log-in information to sign in, enter title and description for the video, choose a video resolution.
Added a portrait playing mode, it is suitable for slideshow with portrait photos ( For examples, photos from fashion show). The flowers, the reception, the hors d’oeuvres aside, this is something that you can take full control of with your partner and which is all about just the two of you. With Kizoa, you can upload photos from your computer or import directly from Facebook to save your time. After completing your slide, you can save it and send to your email, post in on Facebook or burn it into a DVD to keep.
With over 260 transition effects, it allows you to directly burn your slideshows to DVD which you can then open with any DVD player.
When completed, you have options to share the movie directly to Youtube, embed it on websites or download it in low, high and HD quality, or simply order for DVD delivery.
With all transition effects and other features ready, you can complete a movie slideshow locally without an Internet connection and burn it directly into a DVD. With it , you can turn photos into a dynamic SWF files and upload it to website for sharing or using in your own blog or websites.
Having adding Picasa photos to the app, you can turn these photos into a stunning slideshow with kinds of effects.
If you want to select several pictures at the same time, please press “Shift” or “Ctrl” while clicking the pictures.
If you want to remove several photos at the same time, please press “Shift” or “Ctrl” while selecting the photos.
If you’re up to it, here are a few tools we think you would love to try out, to tell the world about your fairy-tale love story.
It enables you to get photos from Picasa albums to iPad easily, then view photos in slideshow or save Picasa photos as a slideshow video. After successfully logining, all your Picasa albums will be shown, choose albums and touch photos to  import them to Photo Slideshow Director HD.

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