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Note: This is a brief overview of the process specifically for DVDs - For more information on each of the following Job Types, please refer to the specific job types in the Primo DVD section of this Knowledgebase. Start with a known working master DVD that you have tested in one or several regular DVD players. Using Windows Explorer, copy the Audio_TS (optional) and Video_TS folders from the master DVD to your hard drive. Primo will recognize the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders and automatically format the job to create DVDs.
There are many variables involved in a DVD duplication job that can affect the quality of the copy or whether the copy is successfully recorded. I am curious how you created a usable DVD Movie from there since Creator Classic will not… Did you use Data Disc from the Home app? We here at Ghacks are very fond of the commercial DVD burning software ConvertXToDVD when it comes to burning videos to DVD so that they can be viewed in a standard DVD player. The program is offered as a standalone software and as part of a suite at the developer's website. The program supports both single layer and dual layer DVDs and displays the output size of the added video files in a bar at the bottom of the screen to give an indication if the user has to burn a single or dual layer DVD. The user has to make sure that the maximum capacities of a single or dual layer DVD are not exceeded. It is possible to just create the Video_TS folder or burn the DVD automatically in the end. Free Video to DVD Converter is nevertheless one of the easiest to use programs to burn videos to DVD. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. If you plan to store several master DVDs on your computer you will need a very large main hard drive or a second hard drive. It is especially useful if you are having compatibility problems with the formatting created by the DVD authoring software or with the media type of the master disc. Or, use your DVD publishing software to create an output format in Audio_TS and Video_TS folders. What can I do to speed it up?The Bravo does not switch bins (left to right or right to left) in kiosk mode.
It requires almost no configuration at all and can convert most popular video formats to a DVD compatible format. The installer offers to install a toolbar during installation which most users probably do not want at all. There are virtually no options except for the presets where the quality and video standard (NTSC or PAL) can be selected.

The program does not limit the video files that can be added for conversion (or warn the user) which means that it is possible to end up with a size that does not fit on one DVD. The converter will create a Video_TS folder out of the video files that are added by the user. Another nuisance is that the program will display an advertisement to install the toolbar again when the user closes it. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.
It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. We did have troubles with the standalone software which did not install properly on our Windows 7 test system. This is obviously problematic as it is not possible to burn the videos to DVD if they exceed the maximum capacities. The developers should consider to add warnings when the space limit is exceed or implement an option to automatically split the videos on multiple DVDs if the space is exceeded. Inside the Video_TS folder are specific DVD files shown below that are created by your authoring software. When using Disc to Disc, make sure you choose to create a temporary image on the hard drive. The files that you should have ready are those from the first example bold or the files that result from a re-authoring process such as described in the articles: "How to re-author a DVD from one or more VOB files on my hard drive?" or "How to re-create a DVD from one or more VOB files on my hard drive?".
This can prevent issues where one drive is sending information faster than the other can receive it. This article, to a certain extent, overlaps with this help file article about recovering data with IsoBuster. It's worth, even recommended, reading the help file article first because it goes into certain areas that are not covered here.
Things that don't make sense will hopefully become more clear when you read this article afterwards.
Once you understand that write applications need to be told that they need to make a Video DVD instead of a normal data DVD you will likely be able to do the same with other applications as well. Nero now builds a layout with a yellow folder called AUDIO_TS and a red folder called VIDEO_TS. The first folder is for dedicated audio DVDs only which we're not making here, the audio for your movie is encoded in the VOB files and belongs in the VIDEO_TS folder. So, simply add or drag all files from the VIDEO_TS folder on your HD to the red VIDEO_TS folder made by Nero, like so: As last step, hit the burn button and create the DVD on the selected DVD burner.
That track typically contains more than one file-system, and each of those file-systems is pointing to the files.

If Nero, early in the process, warns you of the fact that the data is not correct and will not yield to a good Video DVD or if Nero produces errors such as "reallocation files failed" then you need to seriously look into re-authoring the Video data as the current result will likely not play in a standalone video player.
It's unfortunately not uncommon that some standalone players produce bad file systems so that Nero justly complains about the quality of the input files.
If that is the warning produced by Nero then you can still try to delete the BUP files and make copies of the IFO files (rename them to *.BUP files afterwards) and try again. If still no joy, look into re-authoring the Video Data first before trying to write it back to DVD: How to re-author a DVD from one or more VOB files on my hard drive? A Video DVD can contain multiple directories and content but we are now after the VIDEO content.
Should the actual files be missing on your disc, then please read further where we will ultimately be looking for missing data. In the case that this folder is intact and all files seem readable, and this is a properly finalized disc, then you can extract the full VIDEO_TS folder.
When this is successful, either after a flawless extraction or after having to replace bad sectors with all zeroes from time to time, you have the full DVD on your hard drive.
In the following example only the DVD-native IFO based file-system could be found: This file-system also points to a VIDEO_TS folder and the same approach as in the first example can be followed.
IsoBuster can identify the different recordings on such discs, if they are to be found, and lists them in the folder: "+-VR Video recordings". Larger recordings may be cut into two or more (smaller than 1 GB) files, depending on your settings.
In the example three different shows were recorded at different times with a standalone player: The file-names are given by IsoBuster itself unless recorded ones could be found.
These VOB files, once extracted to HD, can be played with your MPG or DVD Video playback software on your PC and so you are able to watch the lost video.
After a scan for missing files and folders however, some of the file-systems could be found again: If a found file-system is the (grey icon) DVD-native file-system, or an ISO9660 file-system (not shown in this example) or a complete UDF file system (not shown either), and a full set of IFO, BUP and VOB files can be extracted, then you can re-create the Video DVD as explained in first example. If only files from the "UDF lost and found", "+-VR Video recordings", or ultimately "Files found based on their signature" can be found then you should recover only the VOB files, see further. Putting the resulting data back on a true Video DVD which is playable by a standalone player is something else.
Because these files lack the extra and matching IFO and BUP files that are needed to recreate the Video DVD easily. In fact there are different ways to go about this: Re-author the DVD using DVD Video authoring software to re-encode the video stream and make menus etc.

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