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Brandi has a feather with beads on the side of her right wrist, which is probably a tribute to her Native American heritage.
Brandi’s Christian faith is reflected in two cross tattoos, the larger of which is this stylized budded cross on the inside of her right ankle.
God made those laws specifically because the Israelites were kind of stupid and He didn’t trust them accordingly. And a teen who just wants u 2 understand, it says nowhere in Leviticus to kill people as a general rule to the public.
And also I do kno that Leviticus is in the old testament andsome of the stuff in there is in there becausee back then a lot of stuff was unsanitary so God told them not to do some of those things so that they wouldn’t get sick.
Okay it seems there is some misinformation here and I would like to clear things up with clear quotes from the bible that are not taken out of context. I don’t really think that it is your place to condemn and judge people for their decision to get tattooed.
I am also glad that someone finally took a stand, because in our current day, everything is OK. Well to the one who says the Bible is made up, I hope that you see the light of Christ sooner than later.
Unfortunately Lily didn’t realize that Rihanna already had the same tattoo, and now regrets it. Lily has never explained why she chose to get these symbols tattooed on her, but she has expressed some very mixed feelings about religion.
Om (a??) is a common symbol of Hinduism, though Om is also important in Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.
The Latin cross (a??) is the most predominant symbol of Christianity, representing the cross that Jesus was crucified on. The barking dog comes from the works of artist Keith Haring, whose pop art style drew much of its influence from graffiti.
Lily Allen got this tattoo of a map of the world (sans Antarctica) on her left forearm in October 2014. Like her younger sister Miley Cyrus (who has 16 tattoos), Brandi has a few small tattoos on her hands. The Cyrus family are part Cherokee and many of them have Native American inspired tattoos including dreamcatchers (on Miley and Trace) and Indian chiefs (on Trace and Billy Ray). Don’t eat rare and raw meat, pork, or wear clothing woven of two different kinds of material. Are you really going to make God disapointed in you and sad just so you can have scars filled with ink on your body.

Although it says not to do so it also says we shouldn’t cut our hair or have shellfish, now you’re not going to tell me to not do that now are you? Old testament law existed because there was a disconnect between God and man as a result of sin. If someone chooses to tattoo themselves as an outward expression of there faith I see nothing wrong with using that as a visual interpretation of there love for there creator. It also plainly states in the Bible no markings on the body and no piercings, but I do have pierced ears, but if I would have know this verse, when I was younger, I would have never done it. Some of the well hidden tattoos are on her finger, inside her ear, on her elbow, on the side of her stomach, and on her wrist. Some of the subject matter is the same as well — both sisters have crosses and hearts. I would LOVE to see how often you eat bacon or wear clothes that are 70% cotton and 30% polyester. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. If God wanted you to have them you would have been born with them but no he made you perfect and you shouldn’t mess with Gods perfect creation.
Did u also kkno that in corinthians (which is in the new testament btw) it says that your body is the temple of God and that whoever destroys God’s temple God will destroy him.
Like a woman’s long hair back then was like her pride and glory and in some cases showed her submission to her husband and God and in the same way too with mens hair it showed their reverence to God. Jesus later came to take the burden of our sin so that believers can now have direct communication with God.
So the Bible is the Bible, if Our Heavening Father, did not feel we needed that part of the Bible, we would not have access to it. She later filled in the empty space on the back of her wrist with two more fun and lighthearted tattoos of a happy face and a cartoon dog. The two item represent industrial and agricultural workers and crossed they symbolizes the unity between the different social classes. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? When we sin and keep sinning without confessing and making things right with God we start falling deeper into sin until we start pulling away from God. Anyways the Bible says that your body is the temple of God and if anyone destroys Gods temple God will destroy him. I could give you more info about hair back then if you’d like or you could look it up yourself or us a learned pastor.

I am aware that Leviticus is in the Old Testament but does that mean that we should forget it? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? And one last thing think to yourself when I mark up my body and say nasty vulgur words and put harmful substances into my body and let everyone see me naked am I really honoring God.
It is a part of the Bible for a reason and some of the stuff in the old testament has been abolished with the death of our savior but most of the stuff still applies. With the Gay rights, the Obama Care and Wars that we are in, the earthquakes that has happened in places that it has never happened in that place before. Let me tell you when judgement day comes you’ll be a whole heap of a lot more scared of failing Gods expectations than you will of failing to meet the worlds expectations. I could go on and on, this is all in the Bible ALL of what is going on right before our own eyes, it is very plain in the Bible, and I mean ALL of these things, people just do not see it.
Just like Jesus, we cannot see him but we can feel his blessings in our heart, and there will be no doubt if this happens to you. So you have the descision when God comes what do I want him to find me doing honoring him or taking part int the sinful things of this world that belong to the devil. Sodom and Gamora was destroyed by God, because of the Sin in that city or country, which ever it was. Whenever king David sinned he would weep bitterly in sack cloth and ashes because he knew he had wronged God and made God sad. I hope and pray that all of us here on Earth make it to Heaven, but some don’t even believe. May God Bless you all and all accept Christ in your heart and remember, Who so ever Believes in Christ shall not perish but have EVERLASTING Life. And oh for the other comment the Bible is real and I sincerely hope you come to realize it and. Would he watch the movies that are on TV today, which almost all the movies use his name in vain, why does the producer even put this in the script?

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