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Posted in: David Meek Tattoos, Fast Lane Tattoo, Traditional Tattoos, Tucson Tattoo Artist. Mothers Day is literally days away, and sometimes we wait a little  too long to shop for mom. Dont know what your mom is currently into these days, no sweat, Amazon gift cards are the bees knees!
You can use your best judgment on this one but it can truly be relaxing to take mom to the theater. Posted in: Ashtabula Ohio, David Meek Tattoos, Ohio Tattoo Artist, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Tagged: ashtabula tattooer, custom tattoos, cute tattoos, david meek tattoos, girly tattoos, sexy tattoos, tattoo convention. Finally got Brett Loughlin back into the studio to work on his tattoo we started years ago. Its a daunting task to think of what to get the women that brought us into this world, and have reminded us everyday since, that they were capable of taking us out. Oh, and if anyone needs any assistance with number 6 please use the contact form and we will get you all squared away! But I cant imagine a mom would scoff at 7-10 days cruising from port to port on a floating resort.

Im also taking appointments for larger 1 sitting or multi sitting tattoos in Ashtabula Ohio for November. Nowadays you can honor her with a portrait, traditional heart and other endless mom designs. I actually have a few customers that have made it an annual ritual to get their mothers day tattoos every year.

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