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Here's what our customers are saying about us - "The shirt could not have been any better. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Wholesale T shirt Manufacturer & Supplier We're master when it comes to manufacture every kind of T-shirt at affordable price without compromising the quality. Established back in 1998 they have spent their time providing all the styles of t-shirts that each and every customer expected of them. Our manufacturing team is able to craft many different types of custom T-Shirts ranging from polo shirt, denim, and other well branded styles.
Unless otherwise specified, all of the designs you see on this website are copyrighted and the property of Powell Shirts.
Let us to prove our-self why we might be your next garment partner Contact NowSatisfaction 100%Our overall goal is all together customer satisfaction. T Shirt Manufacture BD provides you with the absolute best service while also giving the highest quality custom T Shirt possible. Order in bulk and receive a discount - click here to order more than one shirt - or for different print areas.
However, when you purchase a custom print T shirt from us, the design we use for your order becomes your property for use in printing onto items we cannot provide (such as stationery, caps, signs, etc.).
Every custom t-shirt quilt I make includes:Your identity and personality are incorporated into every quilt. We craft our shirts to the likes of the latest fashion trends to bring you the ultimate modern experience.

I interview every one of my clients, and I provide multiple design choices so that we can make your quilt together. The main goal of this business is to satisfy customer by producing quality products that are appreciated by us. I will create a quilt for you that is both a keepsake and a piece of art.All my t-shirt quilts are heirloom quality. As a result of your satisfaction we are able to continue producing quality products that stand the test of time. With an iron on, the image is either cut from or printed onto vinyl which is then ironed onto the shirt. My grandmother taught me to quilt when I was very young, and I learned from her that quilts are passed down from one generation to the next. Dye sublimation is a print method whereby the image is printed onto coated transfer paper which is then placed on the shirt and ironed onto it.
All my quilts are of the highest quality and made to last a lifetime, even with daily use.Your t-shirts are separated with sashing. Sashing is a ribbon of fabric between t-shirt squares that separates your t-shirts from one another. Our manufacturing team is able to craft many different types of Custom T Shirt ranging from polo, denim, and other well known styles. Sashing will help your t-shirt quilt last longer as well as enhance the design and look of your quilt.
We have lots of designs there that we have already created, many of which can be personalized.Prefer another style of shirt, like a sportshirt, sweatshirt, custom long sleeve t shirts, tank tops, ladies styles?

Click "Other Styles."Would you like to offer your own custom print T shirts for sale without any monetary investment (absolutely NO RISK!)?
Perhaps for a family reunion, charitable organization, school, your business, or a T shirt fundraiser? A cotton batted quilt is also a lot more comfortable to use than polyester, simply because it breathes better.All of my quilts are bound. This is due to our commitment to provide all of our T Shirts reliably, this is the main goal of T-Shirts Manufacture BD. The bind method takes longer, but the finished product will lay or hang flat and look much nicer.I use only the highest quality fabrics.
Custom T shirt Wholesale from BangladeshT Shirt Manufacture BD is comprised of an excellent that that is involved with the manufacturing of many Custom T shirt Wholesale from Bangladesh and also the world. All the fabrics I use have the highest thread count and thread weight available (typically 75 and 34), as well as the sharpest printing. This is due to our commitment to provide all of our T-Shirts reliably, this is the main goal of wholesale T Shirt Manufacture BD. In operation since 2003, Moonlight Quilts has produced dozens and dozens of quilts.Please contact me to discuss your quilting project!

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