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The tattoo pictures that are presented here have been carefully selected from the most popular pictures on the internet. Featured Tattoo Designs This is our weeks pic for the top tattoos sent to us by customers choice. These tattoo pictures are the ones who have been the most liked and appreciated by the tattoo lovers or random visitors. Try out hundred custom tattoo designs, collected from different tattoo masters.

Learn more about why a Custom Tattoo Design is the best design choice for your next piece of ink.Custom Tattoo Design- Revolutionizing How Tattoo Ideas Come to LifeRevolutionizing The Tattoo Industry When we first started Custom Tattoo Design, the reactions from the tattoo industry were not very positive. Many tattoo shops were upset that we were challenging the establishment when it came to getting a tattoo design.
A few decades ago, you would only find ink on the appendages of prison inmates, gang members and the military.

Almost overnight, we have seen an industry that was once scrutinized and seen as socially taboo evolve into a major aspect of popular culture.

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