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WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. The first sentence here indicates that the post-apocalyptic world has been reduced to basic elements, "a raw core of parsible entities," where complexity is a luxury. Going further, the narrator rejects any notion of a ledgerbook, the traditional metaphor for a moral record of one's actions for use by divine judges. This vividly desolate passage reveals the utter indifference of the universe to the plight of man, a cosmic condition that he takes to be the "absolute truth of the world." The earth continues to revolve, "cold" and "relentless," indifferent to the sufferings of its inhabitants.
This allusion to "carrying the fire" may be more than a reference to the dangers of Promethean fire. This brief conversation demonstrates the depth of the man's love for his son, while simultaneously revealing the son's growing concerns about their actions as the "good guys." The lines occur after the man has shot and killed the attacker who threatened the boy with a knife at his throat. Thanks for viewing "Life quotes sad emo on the dark love quotes and picture".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. More sophisticated aspects of human civilization have been obliterated, and the names of such things are slowly being forgotten by the remaining humans, following the things themselves into oblivion.

This utter rejection of religious belief thrusts the novel further into a world in which man's capacity for evil and violence is not wholly unguided and unchecked by outside forces and in which individuals, in their natural state, do not even keep their own score in terms of morals. Even his mission to protect the boy and to ensure his survival is carried out with religious fervor and described in religious terms. Furthermore, the earth is "intestate," a word used to describe a person who has died without leaving behind a legitimate will. The father tells his son "tales" about life before the catastrophe which has rendered the earth a wasteland to its survivors. It also might refer to McCarthy's previous novel, No Country for Old Men , in which one character dreams of his father carrying fire. The passage also underscores the underlying difference in morality between the man and the boy. Ledgerbooks and ideas about being watched and judged by outsiders are the complex human constructs that artificially guide morality in an impotent effort to explain or to regulate behavior. Yet, this response is the boy's only acknowledgment in the novel that he may in fact be a kind of "chosen one." Perhaps the boy does realize that the world's humanity does depend on his own survival, since he metaphorically carries the fire (in Greek mythology, Prometheus steals fire and brings it to mankind, for which he is punished).

In other words, in its own death from whatever calamity has struck, the earth has left no future, no means of survival or compensation for its survivors. However, to the son, these tales are hard to believe because they are so unlike the current reality. To the man, his killing is justified because it was committed in the act of saving his son, a responsibility he says (and may well believe) was assigned to him by God. The father, having experienced the pre-apocalyptic world, is thus alien to the son, who knows only life after the disaster. If you're willing to think deeply and look within, I'd love to guide you toward creating a life of joy and ease - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The earth enjoyed by the man during his own childhood is a "planet that no longer existed" to the boy.

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