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People over the age of 35 are sharing the advice they wish they had taken during their 20s.
The thread, which has over 15,000 comments on Reddit, has a range of regrets – from broad ones such as not staying in college or going to the gym, to specific ones about joining the military as a woman or marrying the wrong person.
This advice was backed up by another user, who said: “If you do something that doesn’t feel right to you because someone else expects you to, you’ll eventually disappoint them anyway because your heart isn’t in what you’re doing and you’ll burn out. Some users chastised their younger selves for not using their money wisely and putting themselves in debt at an older age. One person said he should have learned how to manage his money better, and started saving between the ages of 18 and 22.
If stuck in a rut, one must make a conscientious decision to get out of it, according to user Shangrilama, who said: “You’re not stuck unless you let yourself be stuck… not with that person, or that job, or that life. Some of the regrets were more specific, such as the case of user Mgsoloist, who joined the Army only to be dismayed at the level of misogyny she claims she experienced. Some of the comments she heard included accusations she slept with a higher-ranking officer to “get ahead” because “females have no place here”.
Another user's post, which was upvoted moer than 2,000 times, was particularly heartbreaking: "Be there for your sister. Some users had less serious regrets, such as Reddit user EnricoPalazz0, who wishes his younger self knew that "getting that sweet tribal band tattoo will be the decision you come to regret most". Anyone who saw the one-off documentary The Secret Life of Four-Year-Olds earlier this year will have jumped for joy at news that the adorable film was to be made into a series.
Episode one saw some clashes of personalities among the four-year-olds, with larger-than-life Tia upset that Orla and Charlotte wouldn't play with her on the slide. The cutest moment came when Tia bounced over to Nathaniel to ask for his advice about how to deal with the fact that her so-called friends didn't want to hold her back down the slide. The psychologists were on hand to analyse the children's every move, but it was unclear exactly what they hoped to find out.

Other than learning that girls aged four are linguistically five months ahead of boys, the documentary didn't deliver what could have been a charming, educational insight into the lives of pre-school children.
I decided not to buy any new clothing until spring -- to wait out the season in leggings and sweaters in hopes that the weight would, as my doctor had promised, drop off, with the help of yet another new medication. Many years ago, when the American version of "What Not to Wear" was but a twinkle in some producer's eye, I was on the receiving end of a makeover courtesy of the franchise's original British stylists, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, for a New York Post piece trumpeting the show's U.S. The more I considered this during my fashion time-out, the more I realized that the problem was not the advice -- as much as I hated them, those pants made me look three inches taller -- but my unwillingness to decide exactly how I wanted fashion to function in my life: Did I want to exploit it simply to make myself more attractive to others?
The older I get, the more evident the correlation becomes between success, however that is defined, and disregarding the opinions -- the nay-saying -- of others.
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There’s a lot of guys that are really cool and will defend me and my name till the end of days.
I have generally considered it an opportunity for counting up my number of "birthday wishes" on Facebook and comparing it to the tally from previous years, but lately, I have devoted a portion of it to confronting the bane of my fashion existence. Without miniskirts, 44-year-old Jennifer Aniston would have to go outside in her underwear and 67-year-old Debbie Harry would wear nothing but leather pants. In August, I was told that I have an endocrinological condition that will require a lifetime of medications. I am grateful now for that time because it gave me the opportunity to sift through fashion's rules -- both those I followed willingly and those I guiltily ignored. If that was the case, swapping miniskirts for floor-skimming, leg-lengthening palazzos might make more sense than miniskirts, which I love because they represent and promote the life I want to lead: easy, convivial and made for warm weather. I feel like we are collectively coming around to this: Surely, 2013 will offer a high-water mark for the phrase "and no fucks were given" as a supreme compliment. Skout boasts 10million users and has grown rapidly over the last three years with many using the service every month.
And the others who think that females are only there for their convenience,” she continued.

If you watch the opening credits of TLC's venerable styling makeover show, "What Not to Wear," returning in July for its final season, you will see a sign that warns "No miniskirts over 35." This sign haunts me. But I am an inveterate rule-follower, and I have never been able to forget that sign, as much as it has been dissected and dismissed online. A few extra milligrams here and there, and my body's complaints are written all over the scale: After the introduction of one new pill in November, my weight increased by nearly 10 percent in eight weeks. I still remember Trinny patting me on the ass, handing me a pair of brown palazzo pants, and saying, "You're just like me -- all torso, no legs." They were the experts and I was the acolyte, and I spent entirely too much of that summer swaddled in voluminous peach pants, wondering when I would be able to escape my polyester prison. But if I could decide, once and for all, that I wanted my clothing's priority to be to delight me, rather than others, I had a lot less to worry about. I always think of that expression with an asterisk: Many, many fucks were and should be given about treating each other, ourselves and our communities with kindness. In April venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz provided finance to the tune of $22million.Among the measures being adopted by Skout to counter the problem of inappropriate use of the app is a 'creepinator'.
Rounding the corner for my birthday earlier this year, I was older, heavier and wearier than I had ever been before, and in a sort of wardrobe limbo: I had sized myself out of all of my clothing with zippers, buttons or particularly fitted sleeves.
If nothing else, it certainly provided the flexibility of spirit to exercise some dominion over fashion's rules, and to relinquish those rooted in something as immaterial as age. At 35, I thought: I am disappointing someone, every time my hem fell closer to my upper thigh than my knee. Instead of "No miniskirts after 35," how about "No miniskirts after you've stopped believing in the world as a place of infinite possibility"? The wisdom of my birthdays have provided me with just one fuck to spare, and it goes like this: Fuck that. I still wore short skirts, but furtively, and certain that everyone recognized me for what I was: a vain, aging fool.

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