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Start on an average day, average person, not expecting anything to happen, a day like any other. There's a slight inclination to that line as I'have drawn it because it takes perhaps 20 seconds, 30 seconds for the grandfather clock strike 12. Within the space of a few weeks, my employer in the early 1980s, the Financial Times of Canada, stopped hiring reporters and started laying them off instead. Commodities slipped, profits slumped and the economy tumbled backward — it fell 4% (annualized) in the third quarter of 1981.
Over time, of course, the economy stopped falling — with the aid of billions of dollars in federal deficit spending (for which you are still paying). Recession-stalking seems absurd when Alberta is running full tilt, but the bank’s forecasters note that even the West faces tougher times as energy and other commodity prices drift earthward. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.

One of my colleagues, although not quite 30, never found another job, and eventually just quit trying.
Arranging a higher line of credit won’t cost you a cent, but it could come in handy a year from now. Keep an eye on your creditors through credit checks and frequent accounts-receivable reports.
Let them know you’re expecting tougher times, and solicit their ideas for increasing revenues or reducing costs.
Now is the time to look at new equipment and technologies that will increase output and efficiency. Explore alliances and co-op ventures that could help you grow revenue and deepen relationships without incurring higher costs. Make sure your customers know when you expect to be paid, and that you have a disciplined process of reminders and warnings in place.

New software, production processes and accounting systems can help you get more done at less cost. They wring excesses — as well as weak-hearted or behind-the-times underperformers — out of the system.
Research suggests that companies that start during a recession are tougher and more successful than those launched in good times.
On Remembrance Day morning, I laid off three employees — all of them friends — in 90 minutes. Consider using contract workers, renting or leasing instead of buying, and cutting back non-performing product lines.

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