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The Japanese dragon tattoo is tattooed with other elements and insignia too, like blossoms, atmosphere and fire.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This catalogue was published in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Designing Nature: The Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from May 2012 to January 2011. The book begins with a history of the Rinpa school,(1) before and after Korin Ogata (???? – 1658–1716).(2)  John Carpenter suggests that ‘The highly stylized representation of landscape in early medieval Japanese paintings…can be seen as anticipation of Rinpa’. Sotatsu’s circle produced shikishi (poem cards) based on The Tale of Genji and the Ise-monogatari. Carpenter goes on to discuss the flowering of Rinpa and the masterpieces of Korin Ogata (1568-1716) as well as the works of his brother Kenzan Ogata (?? ??, 1663–1743)2 and his circle, who applied the Rinpa style to ceramics. Among the many artists who continued in the styles, which Korin had made so famous, the name of Hoitsu Sakai (?? ??, 1761-1828) stands out. The Rinpa painters inspired the Japanese artists who resisted the pressures of westernization and the development of yoga (western style painting) and produced pictures, which kept alive Japanese traditional styles in Nihonga (Japanese style paintings). Anyone interested in the history of Japanese art or in Japanese design and depiction of nature should buy a copy of this catalogue while it is still in print and easily available e.g.

1) The Rinpa school was a key part of the revival in the Edo period of indigenous Japanese artistic interests described by the term yamato-e. 2) Korin Ogata (???? – 1658–1716) and his brother Kenzan (?? ??, 1663–1743) were members of a Kyoto family of textile merchants that serviced samurai, some nobility as well as city dwellers. According to the Japanese myth, the mythical beasts are water gods who live in lakes and water systems. The size of the tattoo is mostly kept large, especially, by the men because the dragon looks more powerful and powerful in that form only.
Two screens of iris by Korin were in the exhibition and reproductions are included, but readers of this review are likely to have seen many reproductions of these masterpieces and may instead or in addition also enjoy the following painting below by Korin of a ‘tiger’ although it lacks the striking colours for which Korin became so famous. Paintings, textiles, ceramics, and lacquer-wares were decorated by Rinpa artists with vibrant colours applied in a highly decorative and patterned manner. They are associated with knowledge and knowledge and the Japanese praise them for best of fortune and lot of money. Favoured themes, which often contained evocative references to nature and the seasons, were drawn from Japanese literature, notably The Tale of Genji, The Tales of Ise, and Heian-period poems composed by courtiers.
The Ogata family owned a number of objects made by Sotatsu Tawaraya (?? ?) and Koetsu, which Korin meticulously studied.

Their stylized wave designs had a particular and understandable appeal to the makers of Japanese kimono who were based in Kyoto. Working in vivid colours or ink monochrome, often on a gold ground, this prolific and versatile artist developed a painting style which was more abstracted and simplified than the works of his predecessors. The tattoo styles display the course, wingless legendary animals with little nails and horned head.
Dragon tattoo styles have an awesome and fantastic stunning effect on the eyes of the viewers.
Korin used decorative and bold designs not just to ornament paintings but also for textiles, lacquer-wares and ceramics.
To get a look and feel of how these tattoo styles look after getting designed, we take you to this publish which has  styles displaying the Japanese dragon in various presents and shades. Transmitted by means of pattern books and manuals, the work of the Ogata brothers inspired numerous other craftsmen.

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