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When you ink a diamond motif, there is scope to combine it with other fabulous tattoo designs like flowers, hearts or even sugar skulls as seen in a few images posted below. Women often get these tattoos inked in combination with more feminine designs like birds, butterflies and flowers. Flower diamond tattoo designs: Flowers add more sensuousness to a diamond tattoo and hence is most favored by gals and elder women. Birds and diamond designs: Birds are another subject to find their place alongside diamond motifs.
Wings and diamond motif: Diamonds also look great when engraved in the middle of angel or bird wings. You can get this shimmering stone inked on any part of your body like foot, behind the ear, leg, thigh, arm, back and even chest.

A diamond is a jewel that is durable and has lot of strength and hence, a diamond motif stands for mental and physical strength and also a durable character.
Your diamond motif can also stand for true love and can be seen on such folks that are hitched in love and wish to show the world what they feel for the other person in their life. Well, there are a whole lot of reasons why most feel like engraving these stunning pieces on their bodies.
Some people often come in the mood to pay an ode to their loved ones like parents, and diamonds are considered the best symbol to represent an undying love. Flowers like red roses are perhaps the most desired as these two designs compliment each other really well. There is no dearth of options to choose when you are looking for a cool looking diamond design.

She's one of the best people in my life and I know no matter what she'll always be there for me.
When combined with a skull, raven or flames, diamond motifs can look really masculine and sexy.

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