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Seoul-based tattoo artist Seoeon’s tattoos are so delicate and discreet that the fear of commitment disappears the moment you see her designs. Seoeon’s signature style involves simple lines, pastel colors and geometric figures which she uses to create tiny whimsical designs with origami cranes, diamonds, cats, bows, unicorns and hearts. These tattoos are like a breath of fresh air in an industry full of heavy and complicated designs. In the early 20th century, tattoos were stigmatized (even illegal in some jurisdictions) because of their association with raunchy male imagery.

Mifflin refers in her book to Olive Oatman, “a tragically bicultural American” who was orphaned after her family was killed by Southwest Indians in the 1850s, then adopted and raised by Mohave Indians who gave her a chin tattoo as a mark of tribal acceptance. Even if you are not the type who likes tattoos, Seoeon’s feminine designs just might change your mind.
Middle-class women who were tattooed knew they would be considered “loose” or seedy if they showed their marks. After she was ransomed back to the whites at age 19, she was stranded between the two cultures and the tattoo marked her as a Mohave and functioned as a kind of ethnic barrier.

By the ’60s and ’70s, tattooing became more directly linked to the counterculture, and remained so until the 2000s. Now tattoos are not as subversive or associated with “bad” women—instead, they have become fashion accessories of the most indelible kind.

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