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IE11, to be launched with Windows 8.1 on October 18, 2013, finally includes WebGL and a great set of developer tools. However, one missing feature will incur the wrath of developers everywhere: browser modes have gone! The developer tools in IE8, 9 and 10 provided an increasing number of browser rendering modes going back to IE7.
Perhaps companies still use the modes but I bet far more developers use them for quick and dirty testing in older editions of IE.
But please don’t be tempted to retain IE10 or use registry hacks to re-enable browser modes! This Vietnamese fonts package is exclusively compilled for the BEIKS English to Vietnamese dictionary, which is now available for Windows Mobile (both platforms - Pocket PC and Smartphone). With an indexed vocabulary of over 67,500 unique terms and well over 100,000 translations, parts of speech, sample phrases and idioms, the BEIKS English-Vietnamese dictionary for Windows Mobile is simply a steal at only $14.95! If you got an error while installing Themes, Software or Games ('is not a valid Pocket PC application') please, read FAQ.
Font have always been a great way to denote your information and give a lot meaning to your subject due its different styles and looks. Although these font are provided for free but still do read the usage guidelines before using them on any project.

If you enjoyed the post do share it with your friends and collegues by clicking the social icons. I am Akash, professional designer expertise in Vector Designing, UI Design, Graphics and Blogging with an experience of +10 years. DezineGuide is a Blog dedicated to Graphic Designers and Web Developers giving them Professional Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Freebies, Inspirations and much more. Microsoft abandoned their flagship browser, held back web evolution and they still take too long to release new versions. You can install it today if you’re an MSDN subscriber (thanks to a little back-tracking on Microsoft’s previous decision). The browser fixed several of the quirks and proprietary technologies developers utilized in IE6 so many applications broke following a browser upgrade. Microsoft does not include four versions of Trident in IE10 — the browser makes superficial tweaks.
There were radical differences between IE6, 7, 8 and 9 but far fewer between IE9, 10 and 11. Once installed on your Windows Mobile based device, go to the settings screen in BEIKS Dictionary Reader and select the Fonts tab. But, if we ignore the abomination that was IE7, the company has significantly improved Internet Explorer during the past five years.

Those who rant loudest usually find it easier to blame Microsoft than fix cross-browser issues in their own code. Browser modes was a solution which allowed companies to continue using legacy applications while they fixed the problems.
It shouldn’t be necessary to test older browsers in a world where users upgrade automatically. Unfortunately, IE8 retains a healthy 8% market share despite Microsoft’s attempts to encourage Windows XP migration. With luck — and a little careful coding — your site will degrade gracefully much like any other aging browser. Being a designer myself, I personally love such kind of fonts and use them on various themes.

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